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Intelligent Vending Ltd supply a wide selection of products and consumables for our vending machines and water coolers. From crisps and chocolate, to coffee and tea, through to water filters and washroom vending consumables. If we're missing a vending product you'd like us to stock and you think it'd be popular, please don't hesitate to send us an email with the details - we're always glad to help our clients and are happy to source specific vending lines to meet your requirements if required. We will be adding products regularly to our vending machine product wholesale page and look forward to hearing from you.



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Wooden StirrersWooden Stirrers (1000)

£4.95 + VAT

Case of 1000 wooden 14cm stirrers for vending or catering.

Lakeland Milk PotsLakeland Dairies Green Semi-Skimmed UHT Milk Pots (1..

£5.50 + VAT

Case containing 120 semi-skimmed green UHT milk pots from Lakeland Dairies. Each milk pot contains a 12ml individual serving.

Plastic StirrersPlastic Stirrers (1000)

£5.50 + VAT

Case of 1000 plastic 115mm stirrers for vending or catering.

Silver Spoon White Sugar SticksSilver Spoon White Sugar Sticks (1000)

£13.25 + VAT

Case containing 1000 x Silver Spoon white sugar sticks for vending or catering.

Silver Spoon Brown Sugar SticksSilver Spoon Brown Sugar Sticks (1000)

£14.25 + VAT

Case containing 1000 x Silver Spoon brown sugar sticks for vending or catering.

Borg & Overstrom Cup Dispenser Borg & Overstrom Cup Dispenser

£16.00 + VAT

Borg & Overstrom water cooler cup holder. This is recommended for the B2 water cooler as it does not have an integral cup dispenser.

Borg & Overstrom Water Cooler Wall BracketsBorg & Overstrom Water Cooler Wall Brackets

£17.95 + VAT

Borg & Overstrom wall brackets for securing water coolers. These brackets are supplied in pairs and can be a useful deterrent against water cooler vandalism within certain installation environments.

Plastic 7oz Water Cooler Cups (Polystyrene) Plastic 7oz Water Cooler Cups (Polystyrene)

£20.00 + VAT

7oz polystyrene water cooler cups. These water cooler cups are available in clear, blue tint or white and case quantities of 1000 or 2000. The water cooler cups are also fully rim rolled and manufactured to fit all wat..

tate-lyle-vending-sugarT&L Vending Sugar (6 x 2 Kg)

£21.00 + VAT

Tate & Lyle vending sugar is a premium free flowing sugar product for hot drinks vending machines and dispense equipment.

Borg & Overstrom 12 Litre Integral Waste Kit (Elite & Sport & Classic Models)Borg & Overstrom 12 Litre Integral Waste Kit (Elite ..

£22.00 + VAT

Borg & Overstrom 12 litre basic integral waste kit. This kit consists of a 12 litre container which is fitted inside the base cabinet and allows the drip tray to drain effectively into the waste container. This system ..

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