Change Machines

Our machines can change banknotes and/or coins for tokens or up to three specified coin denominations, and they are suitable for a wide range of indoor locations. Whether you are looking for coin to coin or note to coin dispensing, wall mounted or floor standing, we aim to provide a secure solution that you can rely on.

All of our change machines have a strong reputation for reliability and security, established through countless years of proven service and customer satisfaction.

Wall mounted and free-standing change machines are both available, and can be configured to meet site specific needs. Depending on the model of machine, up to three different denominations of coins or tokens can be dispensed in return for banknotes/coins.

Hoppers are key components of change machines. Hoppers store and eject coins and tokens from the machine and the quantity of coin denominations returned by change machines directly relates to the quantity of hoppers featured.

All machines are mains powered and are suitable for indoor use only.

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SaleJollyPro Change MachineJolly Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£1,175.00 + VAT

Lease from: £6.41 per week

Slim and versatile, now even better performing! The Jolly Pro change machine is designed to fit into different environments, Jolly PRO is a complete and versatile change machine thanks to its wide display, removable SD-..

EasyPro Change MachineEasy Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£1,195.00 + VAT

Lease from: £6.25 per week

The most imitated change machine of the range has been entirely renovated and is now even more secure and reliable, thanks to the connection of installed peripherals via ccTalk. This machine can be supplied to accept ban..

TwinJolly Pro Change MachineTwin Jolly Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£1,518.00 + VAT

Lease from: £7.94 per week

The Twin Jolly Pro is a robust and reliable change machine, with excellent security performance! Twin Jolly PRO offers the same security, design and functionality of the classic Jolly PRO model, in an even more powerful ..

DualCoin Pro Change MachineDual Coin Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£1,575.00 + VAT

Lease from: £8.24 per week

The Dual Coin Pro is the ideal solution for dispensing large amounts of two different coin/token denominations. Its exceptional structural strength, the reinforced closing mechanisms and the ccTalk protocol make Dual Co..

ChangeEuro MultiCoin B2C or BC2C Change MachineChangeEuro MultiCoin B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£2,598.00 + VAT

Lease from: £13.59 per week

The ChangeEuro MultiCoin is an extremely flexible change machine with up to 4 coin hoppers for payout. The 4 hoppers provide either extended coin capacity for high throughput sites or they can also be configured to payou..

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