Washroom Vending Machines

We offer a wide range of washroom vending machines (condom machines, sanitary machines etc), products and hygiene equipment that are both functional and add interest to your washroom area.

Washroom vending machines are usually wall mounted units that can be set-up to dispense a wide variety of products (most commonly, condoms, sanitary protection, novelty products and nappy vending). However, customers are increasingly asking for vending machines that will dispense a wider range of consumables, including breath fresheners, toothpaste and toothbrushes, mints, chewing gum, tights, painkillers (i.e. Ibuprofen, Paracetamol) etc.

Our standard range of washroom vending machines comprises of single and dual column mechanical or electronic vending machines. Single column vending machines are typically condom machines, located in men's toilets, but they have the disadvantage of only being able to dispense a single type of product.

Dual column machines double the options. Frequently found in women's toilets, these can be set up to vend condoms as well as a sanitary protection product. In offices, dual column machines are normally set up to vend different brands/types of sanitary protection (most popular brands are Tampax tampons, Lil-lets tampons and Always sanitary towels).

Washroom vending machines are available in a number of different materials (plastic, steel or stainless steel) to meet both aesthetic and security requirements. Plastic washroom vending machines have the disadvantage of not being as secure as their steel counterparts. We usually recommend our clients use steel or stainless steel vending machines as they are more robust and reduce the risk of vandalism.

To enhance the appearance of washroom vending machines, they can be covered with graphic vinyl that project an image or brand awareness. Intelligent Vending Ltd offers a bespoke graphic design service to help you personalise your machines in this way. If you would like further information about this service please contact us.

The state and cleanliness of a washroom leaves a lasting impression in people's minds regarding the quality of an establishment. Washroom environments will be enhanced by vending machines offering sanitary protection/condoms, together with other hygiene products, such as sanitary bins, automatic perfumed aerosol dispensers, soap dispensers, hand driers, and baby changing tables etc.

Because of the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), Intelligent Vending Ltd advises that both tampons and towels are provided within female washrooms. This also accounts for female customers specific preferences.

When sourcing customised machines for customers' own lines, Intelligent Vending Ltd always requires at least 10 samples of each product for test vend purposes. This is to ensure that the correct machine is selected to provide reliable and trouble free operation.

Some machines accept multiples of one denomination of coin (compatible with international currencies). More sophisticated models can accept coins from GBP 5 pence - GBP 2 coin (or compatible with international currencies). Intelligent Vending Ltd has experience of setting up machines for tokens (free vend).

When supplying washroom machines to the international market, Intelligent Vending Ltd usually requires a number of different denominations of sample coins for test vend purposes. Testing the coins for compatibility is a straightforward process. Therefore, it is extremely likely we would be able to provide a complete solution.

If you require any further information or advice regarding the best machine to meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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DuoVend Battery PackDuoVend Battery Pack (Spare)

£12.00 + VAT

Spare or replacement sealed battery pack for DuoVend vending machine (4.5V alkaline).

Multi-Vend Battery PackS2 Multi-Vend Battery Pack (Spare)

£24.00 + VAT

Spare or replacement sealed battery pack / power pack for S2 multi-vend vending machine (9V alkaline).

Duovend Dual Column Vending MachineDuoVend Dual Column Vending Machine (Steel/Battery)

£230.00 + VAT

The DuoVend is a dual column battery operated wall mounted vending machine which has a tough and slim design, making it a perfect solution for smaller washrooms.

DuoVend Steel / White Washroom Vending Machine PackageDuoVend Washroom Machine Starter Kit (Always / Tampa..

£230.00 + VAT

This is a bundle package which has been setup specifically for our clients in the washroom sector. The package includes: 1 off x DuoVend Dual Column Vending Machine (white steel), 1 off x case (100) packs of Always Ultra..

Period Poverty Chrome Washroom Vending Machine PackagePeriod Poverty Duo Vending Starter Kit

£230.00 + VAT

This period poverty bundle package has been setup specifically for our clients who wish to offer free sanitary consumables to staff or visitors. The package includes: 1 off x Free Vend DuoVend Dual Column Vending Machine..

S2 Multi-Vend Vending MachineS2 Multi-Vend Machine (Plastic/Battery)

£530.00 + VAT

Wall mounted battery operated vending machine constructed from plastic. This vending machine offers up to 9 product selections.

S2 Nappyvend MachineS2 Nappyvend Machine (Plastic/Battery)

£530.00 + VAT

The Nappyvend is a wall mounted, battery operated vending machine constructed from plastic, offering up to 6 product selections.

S2 Multi-Vend Vending MachineS2 Multi-Vend Machine White (Steel/Battery)

£622.00 + VAT

Wall mounted battery operated vending machine constructed from mild steel. This vending machine offers up to 9 product selections.

S2 laundrette vending machine (front)S2 Laundrette Machine Starter Kit (Detergent / Softe..

£625.00 + VAT

This is a bundle package has been setup specifically for our clients in the laundrette and hospitality sectors. The package includes: 1 off x S2 multi-vend machine (plastic), 2 off x case (100) packs of Surf detergent ve..

S2 Multivend Washroom Machine SilverS2 Multi-Vend Machine Silver (Steel/Battery)

£660.00 + VAT

Wall mounted battery operated vending machine constructed from mild steel. This vending machine offers up to 9 product selections.

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