Period Poverty Duo Vending Starter Kit

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Package includes:

*Machine setup on free vend

*1 off x case (100) Always Ultra Plus with Wings (2's)

*1 off x case (100) Tampax Super (3's)

Finish Options

  • Quick find code: DUO-IVWASHR-PP
  • Lead Time: 1 - 2 weeks
  • Model: DuoVend
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: DUO-IVWASHR-PP
  • Dimensions (mm): H705 W360 D100
  • Weight: 10.6kg
Warranty Included


This period poverty bundle package has been setup specifically for our clients who wish to offer free sanitary consumables to staff or visitors. The package includes: 1 off x Free Vend DuoVend Dual Column Vending Machine (white steel as standard, but other finishes available), 1 off x case (100) packs of Always Ultra Plus with Wings, and 1 off x case (100) of Tampax Super. Ready to be fitted to the wall right out of the box with minimal hassle or fuss.


The DuoVend machine is a battery operated wall mounted unit which offers 2 different product selections. For the period poverty setup, these machines are factory calibrated to dispense products on a free vend basis; literally press the button to vend the sanitary products without any payment required.

The standard configuration which is 1 x column for Always Ultra and 1 x column for Tampax Super. However, other options are also available on request including Tampax Compak to cater for lighter flow.

The Always Ultra packs supplied are sanitary towels and each box contains 2 towels. The Tampax Super vend boxes contain 3 tampons per pack.

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Duovend Dual Column Vending Machine Brochure

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