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Vending machine special offers

Welcome to our vending machine special offers and promotions page. This can be a great place to pick up a bargain and save some money. Our offers range from vending machines and consumables to Flavia drinks, vending ingredients, and much more.

Change Machines

SaleJollyPro Change MachineJolly Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£1,175.00 + VAT

Lease from: £6.27 per week

Slim and versatile, now even better performing! The Jolly Pro change machine is designed to fit into different environments, Jolly PRO is a complete and versatile change machine thanks to its wide display, removable SD-..

Combi Vending/Snacks & Drinks

SaleG-Snack Design SD8 Master Vending Machine G-Snack Design SD8 / SC8 Master Vending Machine

£3,500.00 + VAT

Lease from: £18.69 per week

An evolutionary snack machine presented with a new look. A spacious and brightly illuminated showcase enhances the product display. An innovative capacitive key pad with back lit numerals provide high visibility in light..

Fly Killers & Spares

SaleGLU90 40w Stainless Steel Glue Board Fly KillerGLU90 40w Stainless Steel Glue Board Fly Killer

£224.00 + VAT

The GLU90 is a 40 watt glue board fly killer (2 x 20w shatter resistant bulbs), constructed from bright annealed stainless steel and depending on the selected model can be mounted to the wall or suspended from a ceiling...

SaleLantern 18w Electric Grid Fly Killer - IP RATEDLantern 18w Electric Grid IP Rated Fly Killer

£150.00 + VAT

The Lantern 18w is a professional level IPX4 rated electric grid fly killer with an approximate coverage of 100m². The IP rating of this steel/stainless steel fly killer means it is suitable for use in wet or damp a..

Hair Dryers

SaleValera Hotello 1400w Hairdryer with Shaver SocketValera Hotello 1400w Bathroom Hairdryer with Shave S..

£100.00 + VAT

A wall mounted 1400w hair dryer for use in bathrooms or other wet areas. Wall mounting for clean, sophisticated look in your hotel room or bathroom, this hairdryer is water resistant up to IP34. Automatically starting dr..

SaleValera Swiss Nano 9000 Push HairdryerValera Swiss Nano 9000 Push 2000w Hairdryer

£46.50 + VAT

Valera Nano 9000 Push 2000w hair dryer featuring a saftey switch press and hold button and coiled cable. The fitted plug and mobility of this hairdryer allows it to be left on display for your customers or hidden away, s..

Payment Systems & Telemetry

SaleNRI Currenza C2 Blue Coin Mechanism (USB)NRI Currenza C2 Blue Coin Changer (USB inc. MDB Mast..

£280.00 + VAT

The c2 coin changer (also, often referred to as a coin mechanism) is a 6-tube cassette based coin changer that offers a flexible payout system and maximum change holding capabilities. PRP (Payout Redundancy Protection) s..

Second-Hand Machines & Parts

SaleRussian Payment Systems Bundle Clearance DealRussian Ruble Currency C2 Currenza Coin Changer & SM..

£395.00 + VAT

Bundle deal of ex-test Russian payment systems from a previous IV project. All units are in amazing condition. Some are brand new and still in the original packaging, other units have been used at IV for configuration ..

SaleSandenVendo Complete Toroid Box Assembly (Part Number 143632)SandenVendo Complete Toroid Box Assembly (Part Numbe..

£245.00 + VAT

Never before used complete Toroid Box Assembly from SandenVendo G-Snack elevator machines. The assembly part number is 143632. Also supplied with harness L143638 as shown in the photo. The Toroid Box Assembly includ..

SaleSandenVendo Control Board SVE01 (Part Number 411141/1)SandenVendo Control Board SVE01 (Part Number 411141/..

£225.00 + VAT

Never before used control SVE01 control boards for SandenVendo machines (part number 411141/1). Flashed for use in SM6, SM8 and SMX machines. However, they can be quickly reset to factory defaults and reprogrammed via ..

SaleSandenVendo Display Assembly (Part Number 143116) - FrontSandenVendo Display Assembly (Part Number 143116)

£138.00 + VAT

Never before used Display Assembly for SandenVendo G-Snack & G-Drink Machines. The part number for the assembly is 143116 and it includes the following: P/n 411490 Display VFD 256x64 P/n 411519 Blue Display Glass ..

SaleSandenVendo Snack Control Board 80 SVE02 (Part Number 411552)SandenVendo Snack Control Board 80 SVE02 (Part Numbe..

£62.00 + VAT

Never before used snack control boards for SandenVendo G-snack machines. These are the Snack Board 80 SVE02 versions (part number 411552). They are compatible with the following G-snack models: SDX, SD8, SD6, SC8, SC..

SaleSandenVendo Standard Machine Keyboard (Part Number 412731) - FrontSandenVendo Standard Machine Keyboard (Part Number 4..

£82.00 + VAT

Never before used Keyboard / Keypad for SandenVendo G-Snack & G-Drink Machines (part number 412731). For straightforward engineer swap out, we are including (FOC) the Keyboard mounting bracket P/n 412411 (as shown i..

Soft Drinks Vending Machines

SaleG-Drink Design DM9 Vertical Drinks Vending MachineG-Drink Design DM9 Vertical Drinks Vending Machine

£3,950.00 + VAT

Lease from: £21.37 per week

The new G-Drink DM9 Vertical XY soft drinks vending machine. The DM9 provides a spacious and brightly illuminated showcase to enhance product visibility. New user friendly features offer a large display in blue characte..

SaleV-480 Soft Drinks Vending Machine BrochureV-480 Soft Drinks Vending Machine (7 Selection)

£2,525.00 + VAT

Lease from: £13.28 per week

7 selection cold drinks refrigerated vending machine with advanced technology and innovative features. Product capacity: 476 cans (330ml) or 238 PET bottles (500ml). Manufacturer: SandenVendo.

Washroom Accessories

Sale20.5 Litre Sanitary Bin20.5 Litre Plastic Pedal Operated Sanitary Bin

£19.00 + VAT

20.5 litre polypropylene pedal operated sanitary bin. This sanitary bin fits in any washroom being both slim and elegant. Each sanitary bin includes a safety lid mechanism which is a closing system that prevents the lid ..

SaleLunar Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Black & SilverLunar Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser (Black & Silver)

£43.00 + VAT

This automatic foam soap dispenser, made from high impact ABS is available in black and silver or white.

SaleLunar Gelmaster Fragrance Machine (Timer, Chrome)Lunar Gelmaster Fragrance Machine (Timer, Chrome)

£95.00 + VAT

The Lunar Gelmaster Fragrance Machine with timer in chrome is an ideal choice for larger areas. It has a gel life of approximately 4 to 8 weeks. The unit is 230v mains operated so saves a fortune in the cost of dead bat..

SaleMagnum Crystal Hand Dryer (Black)Magnum Crystal 500-1350w Hand Dryer (Black)

£94.00 + VAT

The Magnum Crystal hand dryer (500-1350 watt) provides unique styling for your washroom area. For the price, the Magnum Crystal Hand Dryer in black boasts a fast drying time of approximately 10-15 seconds and includes an..

Water Coolers

SaleB3 Water Cooler (Floorstanding)Borg & Overstrom B3 Plumbed Water Cooler POU (Co..

£410.00 + VAT

Borg & Overstrom B3 water coolers are available in a range of different models to suit all client requirements. Previously known as the Elite, this is a re-imagined classic. Built from the strong foundations set by..

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