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Vending machine special offers

Welcome to our vending machine special offers and promotions page. This can be a great place to pick up a bargain and save some money. Our offers range from vending machines and consumables to Flavia drinks, vending ingredients, and much more.

Change Machines

SaleTwinJolly Pro Change MachineTwin Jolly Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

£1,480.00 + VAT

Lease from: £7.94 per week

The Twin Jolly Pro is a robust and reliable change machine, with excellent security performance! Twin Jolly PRO offers the same security, design and functionality of the classic Jolly PRO model, in an even more powerful ..

Combi Vending/Snacks & Drinks

SaleG-Budget BS8 Vending Machine (Branding Not Included)G-Budget BS8 Snack / Combi Vending Machine

£3,045.00 + VAT

Lease from: £15.66 per week

The G-Budget has been designed to provide many of the benefits of the G-Snack at a lower price point. It has the same capacity as its big brother, but is simpler and designed primarily for traditional snacks, confectione..

SaleG-Snack Design SDX-OD Outdoor Vending Machine G-Snack Design SDX-OD Outdoor Vending Machine

£4,300.00 + VAT

Lease from: £23.27 per week

The evolutionary SDX-OD G-Snack machine is presented with a new look and carries the appropriate IP34 rating for outdoor installation locations. A spacious and brightly illuminated showcase enhances the product display. ..

Fly Killers & Spares

SaleVulcan Glue Board Fly KillerVulcan 2 30w Glue Board Fly Killer

£110.00 + VAT

The Vulcan 2 is an advanced glue board fly killer which comes fitted with 2 x 15w shatter resistant lamps, which allow it to cover areas up to 80m². Other noteable features include: super-sized glue board, corrosion..

Hair Dryers

SaleStyler Super Deluxe Solis 2000w Hairdryer (20p Operated)Styler Super Deluxe Solis 2000w Hairdryer (20p Opera..

£289.99 + VAT

The Styler Super Deluxe 2000W with a 20p coin mechanism is a popular hairdryer within the hospitality and leisure industry. This hairdryer allows your customer to have an adjustable timer preset to approx. 3 minutes ensu..

SaleHeavy Duty 1800w Valera Hair Dryer BlackValera Swiss Turbo 7000 1800w Hairdryer with Steel W..

£55.95 + VAT

The Swiss Turbo 7000 1800w hairdryer from Valera with a steel wall-mounting bracket and fitted plug, allowing for easy storage and a clean stylish look. This heavy-duty hairdryer is suitable for the hotel and leisure ind..

Payment Systems & Telemetry

SaleNRI Currenza C2 Blue Coin Changer (MDB) NRI Currenza C2 Blue Coin Changer (MDB Only)

£250.00 + VAT

The Currenza C2 coin changer (also, often referred to as a coin mechanism) is a 6-tube cassette based coin changer that offers a flexible payout system and maximum change holding capabilities. This model is compatible wi..

Products & Ingredients

SaleUnivercell Plus PP3 Cell 9v Batteries (Box of 10)Univercell Plus PP3 Cell 9v Batteries (Box of 100)

£80.00 + VAT

Univercell Plus is a UK brand of batteries for the industrial, commercial and consumer sectors. These are great performance batteries that are comparable to the Duracell Plus (coppertop) battery range. These are PP3 si..

Second-Hand Machines & Parts

SaleRussian Payment Systems Bundle Clearance DealRussian Ruble Currency C2 Currenza Coin Changer & SM..

£395.00 + VAT

Bundle deal of ex-test Russian payment systems from a previous IV project. All units are in amazing condition. Some are brand new and still in the original packaging, other units have been used at IV for configuration ..

SaleSandenVendo Complete Toroid Box Assembly (Part Number 143632)SandenVendo Complete Toroid Box Assembly (Part Numbe..

£245.00 + VAT

Never before used complete Toroid Box Assembly from SandenVendo G-Snack elevator machines. The assembly part number is 143632. Also supplied with harness L143638 as shown in the photo. The Toroid Box Assembly includ..

SaleSandenVendo Control Board SVE01 (Part Number 411141/1)SandenVendo Control Board SVE01 (Part Number 411141/..

£225.00 + VAT

Never before used control SVE01 control boards for SandenVendo machines (part number 411141/1). Flashed for use in SM6, SM8 and SMX machines. However, they can be quickly reset to factory defaults and reprogrammed via ..

SaleSandenVendo Display Assembly (Part Number 143116) - FrontSandenVendo Display Assembly (Part Number 143116)

£138.00 + VAT

Never before used Display Assembly for SandenVendo G-Snack & G-Drink Machines. The part number for the assembly is 143116 and it includes the following: P/n 411490 Display VFD 256x64 P/n 411519 Blue Display Glass ..

SaleSandenVendo Snack Control Board 80 SVE02 (Part Number 411552)SandenVendo Snack Control Board 80 SVE02 (Part Numbe..

£62.00 + VAT

Never before used snack control boards for SandenVendo G-snack machines. These are the Snack Board 80 SVE02 versions (part number 411552). They are compatible with the following G-snack models: SDX, SD8, SD6, SC8, SC..

SaleSandenVendo Standard Machine Keyboard (Part Number 412731) - FrontSandenVendo Standard Machine Keyboard (Part Number 4..

£82.00 + VAT

Never before used Keyboard / Keypad for SandenVendo G-Snack & G-Drink Machines (part number 412731). For straightforward engineer swap out, we are including (FOC) the Keyboard mounting bracket P/n 412411 (as shown i..

Soft Drinks Vending Machines

SaleG-Drink Design DV6 / DC6 Vending MachineG-Drink Design DV6 / DC6 Vertical Drinks Vending Mac..

£4,045.00 + VAT

Lease from: £21.94 per week

The evolution of the G-Drink never ends.... The most successful glass front cold drinks vending machine in SandenVendo's history presented in a new look. The Design DV6 standard & Design DC6 modular vending machines prov..

Washroom Accessories

SaleLunar Dual Soap Dispenser in Grained StainlessLunar Dual Soap Dispenser (Grained Stainless Steel)

£58.00 + VAT

This manual Lunar double hand T bar operated soap dispenser offers a stylish solution to your bathroom area. Available in 304 grained stainless construction, this dual dispenser is rust and corrosion resistant. The easy ..

SaleMagnum Blue Lightning 650-900w Hand Dryer (Chrome)Magnum Blue Lightning 650-900w Hand Dryer (Chrome)

£215.00 + VAT

The Magnum Blue Lightning hand dryer (600-900 watts) in chrome provides fast hand drying times for your washroom area of approximately 10 seconds. With regards to the name 'Blue Lightning' this relates to the blue LED li..

SaleMicroair 100ml Air Freshener Starter KitMicroair Air Freshener Starter Kit

£37.00 + VAT

This starter kit contains 1 Mircoair 100ml air freshener and 1 case of 12 fragranced aerosol refill cans to allow you to keep your washroom area smelling fresh. The advanced technology incorporated in this air freshener ..

Water Coolers

SaleBorg & Overstrom B5 Plumbed Water Cooler POU (Floorstanding) Borg & Overstrom B5 Plumbed Water Cooler POU (Fl..

£820.00 + VAT

A design like no other the B5 range straddles the line between high-end functionality and ultra-modern design. The unique streamlined design of this range will bring sophistication to any environment. Previously know..

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