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SiriuS™ is the first in a new generation of automated retail solutions by Intelligent Vending Ltd. Utilising a large 46" HD touch screen, a powerful Windows® PC, and our core VendHook™ software, Sirius™ enables a dynamic, interactive retail platform with limitless possibilities.


Options available for outright purchase or short term hire for promotional sampling & marketing events. The retail and marketing possibilities are endless with SiriuS™.

If you think SiriuS™ offers you a solution, please let us know. We would be pleased to demonstrate our new system in action at our showroom in Derbyshire.

Product Features

  • Fully PC controlled Intelligent Vending machine powered by Microsoft Windows Embedded 8
  • Dynamic VendHook™ all-in-one software platform
  • Internet of Things (IoT) VendHive™ cloud
  • Intelligent Vending VendMesh™ PCB Controller
  • Powerful and rugged embedded PC supplied as standard
  • 46" HD display with multi-touch
  • Real time remote management of single / network of machines
  • Intuitive technical setup for engineers, with full diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Remote diagnostics and fault finding
  • Detailed logging and reporting
  • Email/text notifications for machine failures / errors
  • System API (application program interface) and SDK (software development kit) for third party developers
  • VendHive™ cloud plugin store enables the purchase & sale of apps
  • Sales and management of digital products
  • Flexibility for future software expansion for promotion, displaying corporate information, incentive schemes, marketing campaigns, cross-selling, add-on peripherals, virtual product sales and much more...
  • Fully remote telemetry and machine management; all machines are online ready direct from the factory
  • Direct control of all machine, sales data and system functions via the bi-directional VendHive™ cloud using your personal computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • Remote pricing and product changes (including planogram setup and multi-buy incentives to drive increased revenue)
  • Social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) - various social media integration options such as listening for tweets, posting to Facebook etc
  • Digital signage & media management
  • Fully bank accredited to latest Visa & Mastercard standards for cashless payment via Chip & PIN (unlimited transaction value), Contactless and NFC
  • Receipt printer design suite - branded to operator with a few simple clicks (or touches!)
  • Product database with numerous fields including nutritional info to comply with new regulations in certain countries
  • Facial recognition and audience metrics, gesture control, tech top-hats, sound systems and advanced lighting add-on options available
  • Scalable next generation Intelligent Vending automated retail solution

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SiriuS Intelligent Vending Taster Flyer

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