SiriuS™ redefines industry thinking on income creation

April 4th, 2017

Sirius™ radically redefines industry thinking on income creation. Not only through its technical innovation and inherent versatility, but also because it offers the means to revolutionise commercials in a traditionally cash in; product out service category. Dispense of products is just one small part of the functionality available. Return on investment possibilities are limited only by our clients creativity & imagination!

Expand your product offering and include your full catalogue. Ideal when products aren’t suited to physical dispense, or you want to sell 1000’s of SKUs. Capture consumer payment using cashless Chip & PIN via SiriuS™ and manage all sales data from one central system. Provide printed VAT receipts and automated emails.

Capture user ID information for future marketing initiatives via social media sampling. Invaluable for your next product launch and based on trends and demographics. Or, why not ask the consumer simple questions regarding their reason for purchase; what hardware/consumables do they own; how loyal are they to your brand?

Using SiriuS™ opens up a myriad of value adding initiatives. To summarise:

• Dispense of high value ‘real’ stocked products as retail or internally with an corporate environment to minimise overheads and automate processes
• Dispense of ‘virtual’ products (i.e. click, pay and collect or deliver)
• Streamline processes to reduce overheads
• Loyalty programmes to drive sales to other retail channels via discount codes
• Consumer surveys to improve the shopping experience and provide valuable insight on trends
• Social media sampling such as send a tweet or post a photo to Instagram for a free product
• Capture of consumer data (name, email addresses etc.) via virtual keyboard entry and newsletter sign up
• Trade show sampling initiatives, promotions and marketing campaigns
• Advertising revenue from digital signage
• Manage your appointments, bookings and reservations

SiriuS™ expands with your ideas and evolves as your business grows.

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