SiriuS™ a wholly 21st century machine

April 3rd, 2017

SiriuS™ is the new British designed, cutting-edge vending machine from Intelligent Vending Ltd, produced for us by SandenVendo, global vending manufacturer of excellence.

Free from the shackles of industry protocols, SiriuS™ offers next-generation versatility to a broad range of automated retail and commercial applications. Machines include powerful embedded PCs and large 46” displays with multi-touch as standard.  They offer unique pulling power to interact with customers on a range of levels, using social media, product promotions and incentivisation.  Not only can SiriuS™ be fitted with standard payment systems and receipt facility if specified; our platform has full bank accreditation for Chip and PIN, Contactless & NFC transactions.

In commercial applications, SiriuS™ has already demonstrated its ability to dramatically increase sales while generating significant savings in resource management.  Its bi-directional IoT cloud connectivity offers remote control of core functions and communication with external devices as required, enhancing overall efficiency.

The beauty and elegance of SiriuS™ is not just one dimensional.  The system has been designed as a platform for third-party developers, and is easily extended with plug-ins or interfaces created using Microsoft® .NET languages or via our socket API.

SiriuS™ – a wholly 21st century machine.  Intelligent Vending by Intelligent Vending!