VendHook™ is our core .NET software application than runs on the embedded PC fitted inside the vending machine or unattended device.

VendHook™ is responsible for bringing all elements of the system together, managing data and control processes, and running bespoke user experiences tailored to client requirements.

All settings for manufacturers, engineers and operators are managed at the machine level via our intuitive interfaces. This dramatically reduces setup time.


Our universal VendMesh™ PCB controller replaces the traditional VMC and enables PC command of electronic components and protocol communication. Detailed feedback is provided to our VendHook™ software for fault finding and diagnostics.

All dispense processes are controlled via our PCB and changes to flow and routines can be managed and updated remotely.


VendHive™ is our bi-directional Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform that enables real time back office remote control over all machine settings, system functions, products and media management.

VendHive™ synchronises with VendHook™ to provide an overview of all hardware events, diagnostics and logs, detailed telemetry information, data for analytics, and offers customised client reports to specifically meet their business needs.

System & user interface updates are also managed remotely which improves overall system reliability and maintains a fresh and dynamic customer journey that is appealing to users/consumers.

Our new all-in-one software and electronics platform has been designed specifically to enable next generation control of vending machines and other unattended devices.

We use rugged embedded PC’s running on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems to provide peace of mind to our clients and their IT security departments.

Our complete system has been designed for 24/7 operation with an industrial long term reliability focus.

The system provides intuitive ease of use for operators, engineers and developers.

The IoT nature of our solution provides a high level of remote support, enabling most issues to be resolved quickly and effectively without the need for engineers to visit site.

If a visit is required, the engineer will already be prepared and have a good understanding of which parts are required and what the job entails before they depart from base. This significantly improves first time fix rates, and thereby provides increased client satisfaction.

Bespoke UI/UX.

A powerful set of features caters to all needs, including the ability to create unique consumer experiences and maximum interactivity and engagement.

Create your own customer journey and interface using almost any technology via a REST API or .NET extensibility.

Interfaces can be games, websites, phone apps, or anything else you can imagine.

Our Solutions

High-end solution with a 46" HD multi-touch display and powerful embedded gaming PC.

Entry level solution with an 8" multi-touch display and a lower specification industrial embedded PC.

About Us.

As our name suggests, we apply intelligence, expertise and know-how to deliver advanced functionality and sophistication to customers whose aim is to push boundaries. Typically, we will help resolve challenges as much as supply equipment or software.

We welcome challenge and the opportunity to innovate. We deliver solutions through a structured project approach that fully engages the client and our own experts in building specifications and agreeing outcomes. This team approach is inherent to all that we do, whether we are responding to a client’s needs or applying technologies to extend functionality. Having all the core skills available in-house ensures that all of our inputs are coherent and fully integrated.

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