Top-End Integrated PPE & Industrial Vending Solution With Powerful Reporting

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Our top-end PPE, component or tool vending control solutions are fully automated, highly versatile, and are currently utilised by some of the biggest companies operating in the UK. Not only do our machines offer full telemetry and audit facilities, they can also be integrated seamlessly with existing company systems (i.e. access control, company databases, services and applications, procurement systems, or even other third party hardware used within the manufacturing process etc) to provide extensive data analytics and customised reporting all from one system and in real time.

Our integrated solutions authenticate using existing company systems such as user ID cards, fobs, barcodes, mobile phones or biometrics, against a live company database. This approach enables real time capture of information for reporting and avoids the need for a separate database to be managed by the client. This ensures authorisation is always based on current status, and any specific fields of information important to the client are included in the reports (i.e. cost code, department code, project number, job number etc) for review by management or line managers, as required. This allows managers to know the usage and quantity of the PPE, components or tools within their workforce at all times and also enables them to prepare efficiently for the procurement of new stock, which can also include fully automated ordering if required.

Our system will identify underusage of equipment as well as potential overuse, a further element of support to employers who need to be made aware if workers are not taking advantage of measures in place to ensure their own safety.

The control platform is an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution, providing two-way communication, 24/7 in real time between the machine and our VendHive cloud. This enables live transaction reporting and control of a wide variety of machine functions and settings. This provides clients with detailed logging in real time for immediate identification and diagnosis of faults. Software issues are usually rectifiable remotely and for mechanical issues an engineer would be alerted to the nature of any mechanical fault before leaving base, avoiding the need for re-visits and saving time and money. The intelligence of the machines reduces downtime, as many issues that would cause out of order scenarios can be adapted to automatically (i.e. such as disabling a failed selection due to a faulty motor etc).

We are also not a PPE product, component or tooling supplier, so our clients can continue to use their existing supply chain for product sourcing if they wish. We will provide the hardware, software and technical support to make sure the whole package is delivered smoothly.

Our systems can be deployed using a range of hardware (Juno, SiriuS & MRiYA) to suit the installation environment and they all controlled via our own designed software & electronics platform. This is a fully Internet of Things (IoT) solution running on a Windows 10 embedded PC that sits inside the dispense equipment. All controls and system management are via our core platform only and this enables us manage and access data (i.e. from low level components through to transactions and the front end user interface etc) across the whole system. The reports we provide are also tailored to client's needs with data fields added as applicable for the customer.

All of our machines include touch screens as standard which enables the display of detailed product information and videos. This could include showing staff how equipment should be used while providing an audit trail that this information has been viewed through user confirmation. The same applies with new H&S procedures, thereby providing evidence for employers that they are meeting their responsibilities.

Even our 'standard' generic interfaces offer a high degree of customisation, while for more demanding or sophisticated applications we can supply a fully bespoke solution. This includes a user journey that is tailored to our clients' specific requirements, displaying all information as appropriate for their organisation.

Our user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, both by the users requiring access to items and staff responsible for day to day management of the equipment. Multiple choice questions and customer surveys can also be offered as part of the experience and responses can be recorded against the transaction for back office analysis.

If this system sounds too advanced or too sophisticated for your requirements, we also offer entry 'standalone' solutions and these can also be tailored to your requirements. Please see (standalone PPE management solution).


Our top-end PPE, component or tooling vending machine solution typically involves a larger roll out of machines within a range of installation environments. We can support installation in prestigious locations through to the factory floor all running the same system. Juno is our entry solutions and this includes an 8 inch multi-touch display. However, we can also supply our 46 inch multi-touch SiriuS machines for more demanding customer facing environments (i.e. site induction areas or corporate offices) where clients can take advantage of the large display for displaying important staff notifications and digital signage etc.

In addition to the machines, we also supply MRiYA electronic cabinets (for larger safety equipment or components). MRiYA lockers are slaved and controlled by the Juno or SiriuS machines and our electronic cabinets provide the optional facility for items to be loaned and returned.

Controlling the use of PPE within an industrial environment can prove to be a challenging task for companies. Our control systems can dramatically reduce or fully eliminate routine waste with an industrial vending solution, while additionally providing a detailed audit trail linked to individual users, including a full usage history, if required.

This page covers our 'fully integrated' high-end PPE vending solution. A separate page (standalone PPE management solution) provides more detail on the entry and mid-range options.

Product Features

  • Range of different hardware solutions available for different budgets and installation environments
  • Central system for management across all sites regardless of their individual requirements
  • Juno 8" touch or SiriuS 46" touch machines
  • Compatible with MRiYA electronic cabinets issuing and controlling larger items
  • Enables employers to effectively demonstrate they are meeting health and safety obligations to staff by providing easy access to PPE
  • Integrates seamlessly with almost any existing ID access system (i.e. cards, fobs, biometrics, facial recognition etc)
  • Fully cloud enabled with powerful logging and diagnostics in real time
  • Powerful tailored automated reporting
  • Continual, 24/7 access to PPE for workers - no staff required
  • Contractors can be restricted from or accurately billed for PPE usage
  • Detailed analytics for improved business efficiencies
  • Automated ordering and stock control capabilities
  • Comprehensive audit reports providing detailed time & date stamped information
  • Fully customisable & bespoke user interface touch screen options
  • Reduces wastage and pilfering
  • Flexible and upgradeable functionality throughout the life of the equipment
  • Highly reliable solution for monitoring PPE, component or tool usage within your organisation
  • Provides essential health & safety benefits
  • Bespoke full vinyl branding options available
  • Tailored solution to meet the needs of our end user clients or resellers

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