Astro Systems Microcoin QL Coin Acceptor

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Lead Time: Typically 1 to 2 weeks

  • Quick find code: microql
  • Lead Time: Typically 1 to 2 weeks
  • Manufacturer: Astro Systems
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: microql
  • Dimensions (mm): H115 W48 D89
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When dealing with gaming, special attention is required to coin acceptance rates, fraud minimisation and, especially, security.

With regards to these exacting standards, the Microcoin QL can be specifically configured as a secure, high speed multi or single coin acceptor.


With Gaming configuration, the microcoin QL is plug compatible with industry standard connectors and will mechanically fit into any 17mm-32mm coin operation.

Alongside the Microcoin QL is the Microcoin 2 way separator, which provides a high speed, electronic diverter replacement for existing mechanical, solenoid operated divert systems.

Coin Acceptance: The Gaming industry requires coins to be accepted at speeds up to 10 coins per second. The Microcoin validator is rated for these speeds even with multi-coin operation.

Fraud: Monitoring fraud is a never ending circle, so fraud minimisation is achieved through the highly developed coin discrimination technology. Should a fraud be detected, it can be examined and a solution be put in place extremely quickly by virtue of tools and facilities available at the factory.

Security: Security is of vital importance. Not only does the validator have to counter coin fraud, but also against human fraud as access to on-board features is disabled under the 'Microcoin security' option. Security is activated for all Gaming applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Multi-Coin Programming
  • Single Coin Programming
  • Coin Inhibit
  • Coin Enable
  • Universal Size
  • High speed, multi-coin acceptance up to 10 cps
  • Internet-capable
  • Comprehensive handheld programming device
  • Unique, multi-featured mounting faceplate
  • New, revolutionary coin discrimination techniques
  • Highly critical and unique coin path design which virtually eliminates the possibility of coin jams.
  • Superior all-round performance
  • Maximum fraud coin rejection

Files / Downloads

Microcoin QL Coin Acceptor Brochure

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