Sylvania 18" x 1" Dia. 15w U.V. Lamp (TS15WX)

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  • Quick find code: ts15wx
  • Lead Time: Typically 2 to 4 days
  • Model: TS15WX
  • Manufacturer: Sylvania
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: TS15WX


Standard 15 watt U.V. lamp for use with fly killers. Dimensions: 18" x 1" Dia. Code: TS15WX


The Sylvania 18" x 1" Dia. U.V. Lamp is intended for use with fly killers. This is a 15 watt standard bulb.

Order code: TS15WX

Fly Killer Compatibility

This UV lamp is compatible with the following fly killer units:

  • Brandenburg Brandeburg Cobra CG2
  • Brandenburg Cobra CG3
  • Brandenburg Cobra CT2
  • Brandenburg Cobra CT3
  • Brandenburg Liberator F2
  • Brandenburg Vector 20
  • Brandenburg Viper V1
  • Brandenburg Viper V2
  • BRC 30 COM
  • BRC WE 300
  • Excel FS15
  • Excel FS30
  • Excel FS40
  • Insect-a-Clear GLU-60
  • Insect-a-Clear T140-60W
  • Insect-a-Clear T35
  • Insect-a-Clear T35-15W
  • Insect-a-Clear T65-30W
  • Insect-a-Clear T70
  • Insect-a-Clear T70-30W
  • Insect-o-Cutor 301 Uplighter
  • Insect-o-Cutor CS15
  • Insect-o-Cutor CS30
  • Insect-o-Cutor Uplighter
  • Insectarid A80
  • Insectarid H30
  • Insectarid K20/1
  • Insectarid P10
  • Lincat Bar Fly
  • Microgen Flytrap
  • Micromark MM8315
  • P & L Systems EX30
  • P & L Systems EXC30
  • P & L Systems Flytrp FT30
  • P & L Systems Luralite LL30
  • P & L Systems ZF006
  • P & L Systems ZF007
  • Pestakill Highline
  • Pestakill Slimline
  • Pestwest Chameleon
  • Pestwest Chameleon 1 x 2
  • Pestwest Chameleon 2 x 2
  • Pestwest Nemesis Ult. 45
  • Pestwest Titan 15
  • Pestwest Titan 30
  • Pestwest Uplight
  • Rentokill D2
  • Rentokill D4
  • Rentokill D6
  • Rentokill F2 Retail Unit
  • Rentokill FICS Unit (glue)
  • Tildawn TT1830

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