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Common vending questions and enquiries

To make it easy for our existing clients and new customers, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions relating to our vending machines and vending machine services. These are to be used as a quick reference, but should you require more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Vending Machine Related Questions

Q: Can anyone buy products from Intelligent Vending and Intelligent Wholesale?

A: It is company policy that we only supply to business customers who can provide company details when purchasing from us. We have previously supplied to personal customers, but this has proved to no longer be economically viable in view of the typically small quantities purchased and the high level of individual support often required to set up or operate our products and equipment. In future, our aim is to concentrate on the needs of business customers only.

Q: Can I pay for products or services using a credit or debit card?

A: Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale accepts all major credit and debit cards (excluding American Express) via WorldPay. In addition, payment can also be made by cheque, BACS, ITL, Direct Debit or standing order etc.

Q: Does Intelligent Wholesale offer lease rental agreements on vending machines or other high value equipment?

A: Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale are FCA approved and can offer fixed term lease rental agreements to UK clients (subject to credit approval) for most equipment with a value of over £1000 (excluding VAT). However, please note that lease rental is not available for relatively low value machines even when the total purchase price for a number of units exceeds the £1000 figure. Agreements are usually payable over a 3 or 5 year term. We have negotiated some great rates for lease rental and these agreements provide a very economic and easily managed alternative to purchase. Please note that lease rental is not available to our international clients as a standard offering, and although this may be possible, additional market specific research would be required. Advantages to lease rental:

Q: We are a UK based company and wonder whether we can open a trade account with Intelligent Wholesale?

A: We would be pleased to open a trade account for you. All we ask is that first, as a new customer, you establish a trouble-free record of payment before the new account is set up. We can then supply you with a credit account application form. Once this has been completed and returned, our accounts team will perform a credit check against the company and, subject to approval, a credit account will be setup on 30-day payment terms from invoice date.

Q: Our company is not based in the UK; can we still open a trade account with Intelligent Wholesale?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer credit accounts to clients outside of the UK. This is because it is not straightforward or cost effective for us to collect any outstanding debts should these arise. For international or EU businesses, we therefore supply goods on a proforma invoice basis only.

Q: Do you have clear terms and conditions?

A: Our standard terms and conditions can be viewed by following this link. We have tried to make these as straightforward as possible, and they cover our standard range of goods and services. We have separate terms and conditions for the technology solutions we provide through Intelligent Vending Ltd. These will be made available to customers who purchase these products or services.

Q: Do you offer a return policy on goods?

A: Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale does not offer a return policy unless goods were damaged on delivery or they are faulty (covered via the manufacturers' warranties). The majority of equipment we supply is high value and may have been pre-calibrated by the manufacturer to the customers' specific requirements. Once calibrated and delivered, it is not cost effective to return and modify the equipment for re-sale. It is therefore essential that all customers check that specifications meet their requirements prior to order, and that goods are in satisfactory condition when delivered. Any damage to goods must be reported in writing within 24 hours of delivery.

Q: What is the lead time on delivery?

A: This varies depending on the type of goods ordered and the quantity required. A large number of our products ship on a next day basis, however, for more specialised items or where we are importing goods specifically for a customer the lead times increase. For further information regarding a specific order and lead times, please speak to one of our advisers. We will always try to respond positively to any requests where clients require a priority service delivery, although it should be noted that the courier companies and/or specialist hauliers will levy additional charges for this.

Q: Is there a delivery charge on orders?

A: All UK mainland web orders over £600.00 + VAT include free of charge delivery. For orders under £600.00 + VAT, delivery is added to the order and this will be calculated at the shopping cart area of our website. Charges vary according to the size and weight of products as well as the delivery location. For shipping and transit charges for overseas customers, these are quoted for with goods. Please speak to one of our advisers for further information if required.

Q: Do you supply goods and services to companies based outside of the United Kingdom?

A: Yes, most of the goods we advertise can be supplied internationally and many of our established customers are not based in the UK. We have significant experience with International trade. However, please note for certain items, we may be restricted by distribution agreements that are in place and have been levied by the manufacturer. These agreements may restrict our ability to supply you with the products specified in particular regions or countries. However, we will let you know at the time of enquiry if there are any restrictions in place and advise you regarding the local distributor if applicable. Please contact us for further details regarding any overseas orders.

Q: Can Intelligent Wholesale ensure customer confidentiality?

A: Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale regularly works with customers who are developing new ideas that are commercially sensitive or where they wish some anonymity to be maintained within the supply chain. Protecting our customers' interest is a very high priority to us, both because our good reputation with customers is highly valued, and because trust is an excellent basis for generating future business. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Q: Can you supply products for domestic use?

A: We no longer supply goods and services to consumers and all of our trade is now business to business only. A company name is therefore required as a mandatory field when ordering online and also for any orders that are processed directly with our sales team. We will not accept orders where a company name has not been provided by the customer.

Q: Where can I view Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale Terms and Conditions?

A: Click here to download our terms and conditions (Adobe PDF Document)

Q: Where can I view Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale Privacy Policy?

A: Click here to download our privacy policy (Adobe PDF Document)

Q: Do I need to site survey before ordering vending machines or other larger equipment?

A: For vending machines and other large equipment, a site survey must be provided to Intelligent Vending Ltd T/a Intelligent Wholesale at the time of order. These details are a mandatory requirement for our specialist carriers. This ensures there are no access problems and confirms that the machine or equipment will fit satisfactorily within the customer(s) chosen location. Some equipment requires its own power, water supply or drainage etc. and the customer will need to confirm these are available and conveniently located. Connection to an appropriate and convenient supply is provided for some vending machines, water coolers and other equipment as part of the installation process, although it is likely that there will be additional charge if this is not straightforward, including the need for additional wiring/pipework. Intelligent Vending T/a Intelligent Wholesale can arrange for a site survey to be completed on a customer’s behalf by our specialist carriers and we can then also provide a detailed RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement). This service is chargeable. Alternatively, we can supply customers with a site survey questionnaire via email for completion in-house. The importance of ensuring the site is suitable for the chosen vending machine or large equipment machine cannot be over-emphasised, since once an order has been processed, full payment will be required irrespective of whether the goods are subsequently judged to be unsuitable due to size or access. There may also be abort charges and re-delivery charges levied by the specialist carrier if they cannot deliver the equipment because incorrect information has been provided about the nature of the site, access, or other prohibitive circumstances.

Q: Do you offer maintenance agreements for vending machines and other goods?

A: Most products sold via Intelligent Wholesale are wholesale items only and are therefore covered by the manufacturers’ parts, or back to base warranties only. However, we can offer maintenance agreements on certain lines of equipment including larger vending machines (though not small wall mounted washroom-type machines). This cover is sub-contracted and offered via a leading third-party maintenance provider. The price for technical support is quoted at the point of order where relevant terms etc. will also be supplied. For technology solutions provided by Intelligent Vending Ltd, we offer a range of maintenance and telephone support options and these are supplied via in-house engineers and support staff. Full discussion will take place between our team and the customer regarding the most appropriate support option in these particular circumstances. Please contact us for further information regarding technical service and support.

Q: Can you calibrate vending machines to vend any product?

A: All vending machines have minimum and maximum product dimensions, so there are limits on what vending machines can dispense. In the past we have calibrated vending machines to vend a wide range of items from the delicate and fragile to the unorthodox - with considerable success, so check out your ideas with us. There is often a vending machine on the market to suit any product (within reason!). Some unusual shaped products may need to be pre-packaged to be compatible with the machine's vending mechanism, but we will advise you about this. For unusual items, we would normally ask you to supply a number of products so we can test vend these in our workshop or at the factory. This is to ensure trouble free operation after delivery. In all cases, stocking of vending machines needs to be undertaken with care as damaged or distorted packaging will prevent operation of the vending machine in many cases. Attempted over-filling of certain vending machines will produce the same results. Please see customised vending machines for more information. Please note that most support issues relate to operational issues (not relating to equipment faults), it is therefore essential that you think carefully regarding on-going day to day support via your own staff and how this will work prior to buying equipment. Even if you have on-site maintenance support contracts in place, you will be charged for any call outs & associated parts that are caused by operator error and not specific machine technical faults.

Q: Do you supply products for the vending machines I have ordered?

A: Intelligent Wholesale offer products for some, but not all, vending machines in our range. The most common products we supply are Flavia® hot beverages (including fresh brew teas, speciality and fair trade coffees etc), other vending ingredients for floor-standing hot drinks vending machines, washroom items (including condom vending machines and sanitary protection etc), and some snack and confectionery items. Local supermarkets, however, are often the most cost-effective supplier when promotions are available for none multi-pack sale only items (i.e. check the packaging branding doesn’t restrict you from selling individually and also ensure you ask for a VAT receipt). Alternatively, local cash 'n carry outlets and internet wholesalers are popular and offer good value for money. This gives the purchaser freedom to select their own product range at the best local price to maximise their profit. However, if you’re ordering in bulk (i.e. per pallet) please give us a call as it’s likely we can offer you aggressive pricing via our supply chain wholesale partners with peace of mind that goods will be delivered to your door. While we do not seek to restrict customers' ability to source their own products, customers should always satisfy themselves that the products they buy are compatible with their machine(s). We would not be able to replace equipment where compatibility was an issue, unless we had supplied the products and described them as suitable for a particular unit. In addition to products, we also supply ancillary items for washrooms including hair dryers, sanitary bins, air fresheners, soap dispensers and hand dryers etc

Q: Can you offer payment systems, vending machines and change machines set-up for my currency?

A: We regularly supply equipment and components which are adapted to different international currencies. However, for certain currencies, a solution may not be available for standard industry payment system components. Where currency acceptance is not available via standard components, it may not be possible to supply you with a solution. For any queries regarding currency acceptance, please contact us for further information.

Q: Do you offer a fully managed service for the vending machines and other products you supply?

A: No, as a wholesaler, our main focus is to provide the equipment only on a self-management basis. We do not offer full service agreements on equipment and this is the clients’ responsibility following delivery or hand over of goods. The main advantage of our approach is that the operator is in full control of the product range and prices to be charged for each vend; they are also not tied contractually to supply contracts as is the case with some suppliers of equipment.

Please call +44 (0)1629 825555 or email us for more information on our vending machines.

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