G-Drink DM6-OD Vertical Outdoor Cold Drinks Machine (Master)

RRP Price: £6,600.00 (£7,920.00 inc. VAT)

Our Price: £5,590.00

6,708.00 inc. VAT)

Total Saving: £1,010.00 (15%)

Price includes:

*Straightforward specialist delivery
UK mainland customers only

*Comprehensive pre-delivery inspection

Sales services:

*Technology specialists

*Highly experienced technical sales staff

*Planogram configuration champions

*Value added project input

*Tailored international shipping quotations

Installation & Training

Maintenance Agreement (Parts & Labour)

Payment Systems

Secure Mounting Kits (Wall & Ground)

Shelf Configuration

Vinyl Branding

  • Quick find code: DM6OD
  • Lead Time: Typically 10 to 14 weeks
  • Model: DM6-OD
  • Manufacturer: SandenVendo
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: DM6OD
  • Dimensions (mm): H1875 W990 D1010
  • Weight: 350kg
Warranty Included


The G-Drink DM6-OD soft drinks vending machine from SandenVendo just got even better - now it can go outside! There are very few outdoor vending machines on the market, and this IP34 rated machine is highly reliable and packed with great features. A leading global solution for dispensing cans, bottles, tubes and tetra-pak shaped products.

The DM6-OD cold drinks outdoor model is fitted with a steel control panel fascia for additional security and provides a spacious and brightly illuminated showcase to enhance product visibility. New user friendly features offer a large display in blue characters with a new easy door latching system. The new 'Vertical' feature increases reliability based on the previous system and minimises product jams. This soft drinks machine can be supplied with a range of dispense aid spacers to suit different packaging types and products with varying diameters.

The machine includes heated glass and a bowed front protective polycarbonate panel for additional protection. A roof is also added during production along with additional seals and metalwork coverings for increased weather protection. This is the smallest outdoor G-drink model in the range for locations where delivery access is restricted. This vending machine is produced by SandenVendo who are a leading Japanese vending machine manufacturer.

The DM6-OD soft drinks machine has been updated for 2022 to include the latest state-of-the-art hydrocarbon R290 environmentally friendly chiller unit. The non-toxic hydrocarbons are an eco-friendly alternative to the CFC/HCFC/HFC fluorocarbons which contribute to ozone damage.


This model is an outdoor cold drinks vending machine, with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 34 (waterproof).

The new X-axis 'Vertical' mechanism has the advantage that if one or more sales fail (for example, the product falls into the base of the machine) the vending machine does not go out of service. Instead the machine continues to operate and the product falls into the compartment below the X-axis mechanism.

As with the other soft drinks vending machines in the G-Drink range, the outdoor DM6 includes cutting edge Japanese technology and features one of the most innovative drinks catchers/delivery systems available on the market. In less than 8 seconds, drinks are dispensed quickly, but carefully, so as to minimise 'fizz'. Drinks remain in their upright position throughout vending - even once delivered.

To boost reliability, the G-Drink DM6-OD soft drinks machine incorporates optic sensors to determine successful vending. If a product does not break the beam during delivery, the vending machine will keep trying, or provide a refund to the customer.

These cold drinks vending machines are fitted with LED lighting as standard, which provide the perfect brightness for illuminating the product display window while also consuming significantly less energy than the typical alternatives used by other vending machines.

If you're interested to know more regarding the history of the vending machine manufacturer 'SandenVendo', a number of feature articles can be seen here:

Product Features

  • Outdoor model with IP34 (Ingress Protection Rating)
  • Robotic XY dispense system designed in Japan
  • As used by leading global FMCG sector cold drinks brands
  • Perfect for cans, bottles, tubes and tetra-pak products
  • Range of spacers available for product flexibility
  • Robust steel control panel fascia for additional security
  • State-of-the-art hydrocarbon R290 environmentally friendly chiller unit
  • Vertical rail system to minimise product jams
  • Rapid vending product dispense cycles
  • Mid-height vend port for easy & convenient cold drinks product retrieval
  • Heated glass and roof for outdoor installations
  • Bowed front polycarbonate section in front of the glass for additional protection
  • High quality outdoor automated retail solution
  • Highly customisable planogram setup
  • Wide range options and upgrades depending on your requirements
  • Leading Japanese vending manufacturer
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Temperature controller for outdoor installations
  • Cooling unit with heater antifreeze function
  • Ambient temperature range: -15°C to +32°C

Files / Downloads

G-Drink DM6-OD Vertical Outdoor Soft Drinks Machine Brochure

G-Drink Cold Drinks Machine Model Overview Brochure

G-Drink Shelf Setup Options

SandenVendo Corporate Information

Spread the Cost - Guide Lease Rental Calculator

Some clients prefer to finance their equipment via fixed term lease rental agreements rather than outright purchase.

Intelligent Vending offers finance via leading specialists in the UK. The finance companies we use provide a client tailored service and excellent rates for low risk and well established companies. Any rates and terms for the lease rental agreements are negotiated directly with the finance company in the strictest confidence and a number of possible funders are considered to ensure best possible rates. Both Intelligent Vending and the finance companies we use are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Unlike many suppliers in our industry, we have a policy where ‘our clients’ are offered first refusal for the title of the equipment at the end of their lease rental term. If the client wishes to obtain the title, a settlement value is agreed with the finance company and they are invoiced directly by them.

A point to remember with lease rental is that the finance agreement is only available for equipment elements. Any service/labour (i.e. such as maintenance contracts), branding and bespoke developments are excluded and these would be invoiced separately.

The below indicative figures should be used as a guide only to see how this works. They are based on a company that has been trading over 3 years and is deemed of low risk by the finance company.

Lease this item from just:
£31.26 per week*


First payment: £135.45
+ 59 monthly payments: £135.45
Total: £8,126.74
Tax relief2: £1,544.08
Net cost: £6,582.66

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Price includes:

*Straightforward specialist delivery
UK mainland customers only

*Comprehensive pre-delivery inspection

Sales services:

*Technology specialists

*Highly experienced technical sales staff

*Planogram configuration champions

*Value added project input

*Tailored international shipping quotations

Installation & Training
This item must be purchased separately.

Maintenance Agreement (Parts & Labour)
This item must be purchased separately.

Payment Systems

Secure Mounting Kits (Wall & Ground)

Shelf Configuration

Vinyl Branding
This item must be purchased separately.

* Leasing figures quoted are subject to status and assume that the applicant's business has been trading in excess of 3 years, is profitable and is deemed of low risk. Alternative quotations available on request - we will always endeavour to provide the best rates possible.

1If maintenance is shown above, this cover is offered by Intelligent Vending Ltd and forms no part of the lease agreement. Alternatively, please see our maintenance page for details of our service provision.

2Tax relief figures are intended to be used as a guide only.

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