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On a Roll

The Lunar Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser is a popular choice for many clients. The front opening provides easy access and has a lock or added security. With a Stainless steel back plate and made from 304 Stainless steel it isn’t hard to see why this product appeals to so many. It even comes with a screw kit as standard.

Magnum, blowing up a Storm

Wanting your hands dried in 10 seconds but also filled with a desire to save the world? The Magnum Storm hand dryer is the one for you. Infra-red operated, economical and fast. This is one of the most eco-friendly products on the market using only 900 watts, yet incredibly one of the most powerful. This is a machine suited for high usage areas, to delight even more eco-warriors. It even has a 60 second shut off. This sleek model is available in two types of finish and a perfect asset to any washroom.

Vend a penny

The S2 Multi-Vend is a classic within the hygiene vending sector. With 9 product choices it lends itself to several different configurations in the washroom, even for vending nappies!

It is easily wall mounted and can even be customised with company logos. This ideal smart electronic vending system with easy price, coin, and stock change makes it the perfect product for clients on the go when they nip to spend a quick penny.

Intelligent Wholesale has arrived

Intelligent Wholesale is finally here. This is the business-to-business ecommerce trading division of Intelligent Vending. Our fantastic new homepage clearly showcases the most popular categories making it easy to navigate and operate. The highlighted deals are easily accessible as you scroll down the page and be sure not to miss out on our regular informative and inciteful blogs. At Intelligent Vending we believe our website to be an ever growing, ever evolving, living, breathing catalogue of choice.  With this in mind an exciting addition to the website is on the horizon. It will be accessible on the website through our technology centre. This is where we showcase our in-house designed, next generation of automated retail.  We will be soon be presenting more of our latest technology with traditional high-quality engineering…. but that’s all for now… Better watch this space

Eco Vending on a Roll

Ever thought about throwing your work down the toilet? Well now you can, and save the planet at the same time!

As you may already know, the Japanese are infamous for their strange and unusual vending machines, but this may raise the bar to new levels.

A new type of vending machine was unveiled a number of weeks ago at Tokyo’s Eco Products trade fair which feeds on waste office paper and outputs rolls of toilet paper! It is said that 40 sheets of A4 office paper is the amount required for a roll, and takes around 30 minutes from beginning to end (this process comprises of: shredding, mixing with water, pulping, flattening, drying and rolling).

Contrary to many gadgets born in Japan, this machine is far from compact – standing proud at 6ft tall and weighing just under 600 Kg – so don’t expect to tuck it away nicely in the corner of the bathroom!

Apparently, the White Goat, as the machine is named, costs about 6 pence to create a roll. Comparing this with the typical 40p per roll for a premium brand, it seems a substantial saving; but unfortunately the quality leaves a little to be desired when compared to its luxury brothers.

However, the factor most likely to hinder wide-spread adoption of this machine is probably its price. At a whopping $100,000 (around the £65,000 mark), toilet paper would need to be in extremely high demand in the office for this expense to be a viable purchase and realise any savings.

Looking to a Safe Future with Condom Vending Machines

Fifty years ago, people knew little about the benefits of condoms and birth control was something that not many people invested in. Today, the condom industry is booming and birth control comes in various forms.

What does that tell you? It means that sex is an important issue and no-one wants unwanted pregnancies or nasty diseases. Sex is no longer the taboo subject it once was and good practice with regards to sexual health is now more commonplace than ever. This is a trend that may intensify in the future as the world’s population continues to rapidly increase and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs) affect more and more people. This shift to a more relaxed attitude has resulted in an increase in the frequency and likelihood of promiscuous behaviour.

Early identification of these trends may help you take advantage and maximise your profit with the use of condom vending machines. For the public sector, however, condom vending machines can be seen as an essential service, without the need to generate profit (i.e. ensuring good sexual health practice at very low cost).

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Condom Vending

Condom vending can be a profitable business; washroom machines account for a significant amount of sales from vending machines. In addition to this, some of the best profit margins can be found with condom machine products. Consumables such as herbal sexual enhancers have seen a sharp increase in popularity recently, but of course, this type of product will sell better in some places than others (clubs vs. offices, for instance).

Possibly the most important factor for maximising sales from condom vending machines is to target your key demographic effectively with the right products.

Sanitary items and condoms will often sell in most places and can be a good choice. However, washroom machines can be fairly versatile. If products are properly packaged and fit within the maximum vend dimensions, many different items can be sold from condom vending machines to better target your audience. Examples in the past have included: swimming equipment, disposable shoes, and adult novelty toys.

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Pub and Club Vending

Late night social venues such as bars and nightclubs can make for some of the most profitable locations to situate vending machines. With a large number of visitors and a ‘captive’ audience, significant sales can be achieved with the right choice of products in the vending machines.

Lending a big hand in the success of vending in bars, pubs and nightclubs is the ‘spending frame of mind’ that consumers typically bring to the venue. Vending provides a great opportunity to let go and relieve the burden of all that loose change gathered from the last round of drinks. This can be very effective for sales of novelty items and condoms.

The most popular items sold through wall mounted machines in toilets/washrooms are usually condoms & novelty lines. A good tip is not to forget condoms in the in the female washrooms; they often sell just as well as in the gents (this is surprisingly frequently overlooked). Other popular products sold through washroom or condom vending machines are chewing gum, mints and male/female adult toys. These lines of products can be ideal for busy pubs, bars & nightclubs.

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Are You Vending Condoms with Integrity?

Condom vending is a common activity in businesses, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. It is suitable for any establishment with toilets or washrooms which experience frequent usage by staff or visitors.

Selling condoms from vending machines can be a very profitable business: costs are low, margins are high and if the machine is installed in the right location, demand remains consistent.

As the business of condoms (prophylactics) can be a sensitive (!) and a sometimes controversial subject, it is important to apply careful thought and consideration to all the related choices and decisions involved, ensuring full compliance with government rules and regulations so as to avoid any potential negative consequences.

There are various ways to tell the authenticity and provenance of products such as condoms, which is vital to do if you are considering selling them. Supplying defective or substandard condoms could have potentially devastating, even life threatening consequences for your consumers and could seriously affect your company’s image and reputation.

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Condom Vending Machines

We have just added a new page to our website: condom vending machines. Although we already have a page detailing our washroom vending machine service, we thought it might be helpful to add a stand-alone page dedicated to condom vending and condom vending machines to try and further assist our readers with more specific details including information regarding our most popular ‘off the shelf’ models.

On this page we have provided a basic overview of information relating to condom machines and the part they play in our business. We have explained about a couple of important aspects involved that should be considered by any prospective customer, and have also compiled a brief list of our most popular condom vending machines. Hopefully this will make things easier for those trying to decide on the best condom machine for their situation. We also continue to supply more bespoke wall mounted vending machine solutions. So, if a different model or new design condom vending machine is required, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask. We are always happy to help and advise.

Condom vending machines can often be a great source of income, especially thanks to product popularity and the potential for high profit margins. If you are considering a washroom vending machine purchase, we thoroughly recommend you take a look.

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