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Got Milk?

British shopping institution Selfridges have introduced an interesting new vending machine within their famous food hall.

This machine is run under a concession by Sussex farmer Hook & Son, allowing customers to get a real taste of the Great British Countryside by selling litres and half litres of raw milk (unpasteurised, untreated – straight from the cow!)

There is some controversy surrounding the machine and the sale of raw milk as technically it is illegal in the UK to sell unpasteurised milk – unless direct from the farm or a farmer’s market- but Selfridges have reported it to be quite the success! Customers in the city appreciate the chance to try something the way it is without anything added or taken away, whilst older customers have said they appreciate being able to drink the milk they did as children.

Now, I live right out in the sticks, next door to a real, working dairy farm so can have raw milk any time I choose to – it doesn’t appeal to me, not because of health risks but because milk still slightly warm from a cow freaks me out. I’m sure the milk in Selfridges will be cooled thanks to the machine refrigeration to optimum drinking temperature but I still don’t think I would be tempted to try it next time I’m in London. Would you try it? Have you tried raw milk before? Have you got any ideas for something bizarre and quirky to be put in a vending machine?

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Super Sale!

From today (13/12/2011) Intelligent Vending are holding a one week only SUPER SALE. The price of EVERY SandenVendo, Crane and N&W Vending Machine has been slashed down to totally unbeatable prices!

Price increases due to the manufactures levy will be applied to the site from next Tuesday (20/12/2011) making this our biggest and best sale ever! A Merchant 6 Combi machine is less than £3000!!

Prices are available on a Proforma basis and payment MUST have cleared in our account by the 20/12 for you to be eligible for these prices!

If you’ve been dithering, or thinking perhaps you’ll get a machine in the New Year…NOW is the time to buy. Sales like this happen once, and only once. Our prices will never be this low again…


Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Flying the kite (mark)

So, you may have previously read our post about condom vending machines within schools here, which encourages safe sex to be encouraged in schools. However, you may not have heard about a government initiative in Johannesburg which, despite its best intentions failed in a huge, huge way.

The Society for Family Health in Johannesburg ran a huge campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safe sex and sexual health, yet despite their best intentions, the use of a “low budget distribution company” meant that condoms stapled to fliers were all perforated as they had been attached carelessly, which ended up actually posing a risk for the innocent victims using a free condom.

This just goes to highlight how important it it to use good quality condoms, and distribute or supply them in a sensible, responsible way. Intelligent Vending’s various  lines of condoms come equipped with the Kite-mark so you are assured of quality, and filling a washroom machine with these ensures that no damage can happen to the condoms by them being passed around individually, or that no silly mistakes a la Johannesburg would happen again!


Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

G-Snack 6 Vending Machine

Yet again, we have new vending machines on the website! Introducing the G-Snack 6 machine:

This is the G-Snack machine already available on the website‘s little sister. Still versatile, flexible, reliable, this machine is able to vend a wide range of snacks, drinks and food products. Similarly to the original larger G-Snack 8, this smaller version is fully customisable to your requirements, and would be a great addition to any small office!

This is sure to be another success from SandenVendo! Would you like this machine for your office? Or perhaps customised for a new buisness venture? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Sensible Self Management Vending

Vending machines compliment most businesses and can provide a healthy additional revenue stream. Introducing vending machines into your company or office environment can also have other benefits too, such as boosting staff morale and impressing visitors or business associates.

If you are a business owner and you like the idea of vending machines in your workplace, then sampling a selection of products to start with can be a good idea. When choosing a vending machine supplier, it is important that you are looking for a vending company who can offer you support and a flexible vending solution.

At Intelligent Vending we offer our customers a varied selection of vending machines. Our self managed vending machines are ideal if you would like to select your own products. That way if a certain product does not sell particularly well, you have the flexibility to change it as and when you like.

Another great thing about self managed vending machines is that you can change the products provided to coincide with seasons or events; for example, you could include more comforting food for the colder months or festive chocolates near Christmas and Easter (etc.).

Self managed vending machines allow owners to keep 100% of the profits and retain 100% flexibility. If self management is an option for your business, it is certainly worth serious consideration.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Vending Machines and Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is part of most people’s daily lives now, with people becoming increasingly more aware of health issues and how their diet can affect them. At Intelligent Vending we have recognised the importance of this and also appreciate the responsibility which an employer or a public service environment has on providing healthier options for staff or the general public.

Our range of healthier vending machines are highly beneficial in the way they keep and provide a vast choice of snacks, from healthy food through to treats. Vending machines are available with dual temperature controls to enable fresh food and cold drinks to be provided alongside snacks.

Various dispensing systems from spiral vending to carousel vending to elevator systems enable a mixed range of goods, from larger bulky packets such as crisps, to delicate items such as fresh fruit. The various options mean products will not be damaged in the purchasing/dispensing process.

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Author: Web Contribution

Vending Machines for a Better Workplace

Having vending machines available for staff to use in their workplace can be beneficial to both employees and the employer. It is often said that a happy workforce will perform more productively and efficiently, and it is often the smaller aspects of being at work that can motivate staff.

Vending machines are ideal for all sorts of businesses and provide the ultimate in convenience for employees. At Intelligent Vending we provide a wide variety of different vending machines to suit the size and nature of your business.

Vending machines are perfect for a smaller business or industrial premises where there is a limited selection of shops or cafes nearby and staff generally bring in their own lunch. Vending machines provide a boost to staff morale and help to keep energy levels high (and don’t forget those hot drinks machines for that morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate) – an essential requirement for a productive workforce.

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Winds of Change

The world we live in today is ever changing. Nothing stagnates and there are always upgrades for yesterday’s products coming out. The minute a product is launched it becomes outdated because we start working on a newer, better one to replace it with.

The same goes for lifestyles and trends. Nothing ever stays the same, not even for a whole season. There are new ideas for your lifestyle coming out every single day and new research is delivering new results each day. So where does all this change leave you as a vending machine owner?

Time to adapt

There has been research and surveys into the working lives and habits of people across the UK and there is a shocking rise in the amount of people that work from home or are on the move. That is not shocking for the rest of the world, but that increase is shocking for vending machine owners and operators.

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