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Vending machines are fantastic products. Not only are they great for a business as they generate extra revenue, but they are also great from a customer’s perspective as they are convenient and easy to use.

There is a much wider range of goods available from vending machines today, than ever before. Not only are the products more diverse, there is a dramatic increase in vending machines stocked with higher quality items. A good vending company will advise on product choice and supplier and will guide you in the right direction for building your own vending machine success.

Industry experts know just how important it is for our customers to have flexibility in their vending and we aim to assist them in this wherever possible. Many of our customers have strong beliefs or preferences and these can be met in many different ways.

For example, many fair trade suppliers are now offering food and drink products for vending machines. Stocking fair trade products not only benefits the owner of the vending machine, but also the customers, as they are giving back a little from something which they would be purchasing anyway.

Many different types of products are now being stocked in vending machines, as the vending industry steers away from just offering food and drink. While this can be a great way to innovate and generate more profit, it is vitally important to ensure you research and comply with any health & safety or licensing requirements which may be applicable to the products, prior to making them available for sale from your vending machines.

At Intelligent Vending Ltd we have an expert team of customer service advisors to help you with all your vending needs, so no matter how weird or unusual your choice of product, there is a vending option for you.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Drinks Vending Machine Services

With the vast array of soft drinks available nowadays in our supermarkets, shops, cafes and bars, vending machines have had to up their game in terms of the types of products and product selection they offer.

As a reputable vending machine supplier, Intelligent Vending understand the need for customers to have a wide choice in terms of what products they can put in their vending machines. That is why we supply cold and hot drinks vending machines which can accommodate a multitude of drinks products for you to supply; some can even be customised to vend unusual products.

Hot drinks vending machines in particular have come a long way in the past few years, with people now demanding more than just your average instant coffee. The technology now available for providing various types of coffee and hot drinks is astounding, with advancements being so good they are strong enough to stand up against shop bought products. Check out our Flavia coffee machines and Flavia drinks for examples of such quality.

When deciding what type of drinks products to place in your vending machines it is important to think about your clientele. There is no point having a selection of herbal teas if the majority of your customer base will be drinking builder’s breakfast tea, for example.

Choice is there for a reason and that reason is to enable our customers to tailor their vending machines to their specific customer base. Just because the choice is there does not necessarily mean that you have to choose everything available. Consider your options carefully and look at trialling new products for a couple of months until you find the right mix that works for you.

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Specialised Vending Machines

Vending machines are now more than just a place to get a quick snack. Vending machines supplying bespoke products such as music CDs and magazines are becoming increasingly available. These are ideal for creating a custom retail environment and providing consumers with a diverse range of products.

Convenience is becoming increasingly important for businesses and the general public. Providing a self-service option for high-demand products and frequent purchases can offer a high level of convenience which is beneficial to both parties. Stationery items and computer consumables are great examples of such products and vending machines that dispense these products can be popular and profitable.

At Intelligent Vending we are aware that there may be an element of concern regarding the potential of theft from or vandalism to vending machines carrying high value or high-demand products; this is where our advanced technology can help you stay ahead of the game.

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Pub and Club Vending

Late night social venues such as bars and nightclubs can make for some of the most profitable locations to situate vending machines. With a large number of visitors and a ‘captive’ audience, significant sales can be achieved with the right choice of products in the vending machines.

Lending a big hand in the success of vending in bars, pubs and nightclubs is the ‘spending frame of mind’ that consumers typically bring to the venue. Vending provides a great opportunity to let go and relieve the burden of all that loose change gathered from the last round of drinks. This can be very effective for sales of novelty items and condoms.

The most popular items sold through wall mounted machines in toilets/washrooms are usually condoms & novelty lines. A good tip is not to forget condoms in the in the female washrooms; they often sell just as well as in the gents (this is surprisingly frequently overlooked). Other popular products sold through washroom or condom vending machines are chewing gum, mints and male/female adult toys. These lines of products can be ideal for busy pubs, bars & nightclubs.

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Vending Machine Safety and Security

Vending machine manufacturers test their products thoroughly, and build specifically designed units which inhibit theft and injury in accordance with strict consumer guidelines.

The sheer weight of the materials use in construction and the resulting unit size make vending machines very secure. This also makes them very stable, which reduces the risk of them toppling over and causing serious or irreversible damage (a fully stocked machine can weigh as much as 400 kilograms). User safety is of paramount importance.

Sadly, accidents do happen. However these incidents are rare and even fewer are fatal, particularly when vending machines are appropriately used and regularly serviced by a management company like Intelligent Vending Ltd.

Smart vending machine security

No longer is a padlock the only thing standing between a pilferer and your goods. Wherever your vending machines are situated, Intelligent Vending Ltd. can offer you a security solution to suit. From internal camera surveillance to theft indicators, bolt down feet to anti-tilt wall brackets, you’ll find everything to make your machines secure and safe to use.

Vending machine technology has advanced considerably too. Coin weight and size recognition means it’s even harder for people to outsmart your machine. Also modern spiral mechanisms hold products in place until paid for, even if the machine is tilted (within reason).

Internal sensors also know whether or not a product has been vended before taking a customer’s money, resulting in fewer angry outbursts. Smart!

Working together with Intelligent Vending Ltd. you can ensure your vending machines are secure and, most importantly, safe for your staff and clients to use.

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Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines are probably what most people think of when they picture typical vending machines. Snack and food vending machines can be a great way of making extra money from your existing business premises.

The first important choice to make prior to considering the purchase of snack vending machines should be whether you would be better suited with a self-management vending machine service (self-filling – arranging own vending machine products), or a fully operated vending machine service (vending machine stock managed by dedicated vending machine operators).

Usually, answers to a few initial questions should help you make an informed decision:

How large is your organisation?
Do you have a staff member available who you could entrust with this responsibility?
What type of products/brands do you wish to vend?
How many products do you think you could sell a week?

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

High-Traffic Public Site Vending: Destination Leisure

Vending machines thrive in public site locations. These highly populated areas are ideally suited for “free on-loan” high-royalty vending machine deals; typically catering for soft drinks, snacks and coffee-shop quality hot drinks machines (please note: we are unable to offer royalty-based deals for any other types of vending machine other than those previously mentioned).

Locations such as theme parks, safari parks and zoos, stadiums and arenas, airports and docks, transport interchanges and stations (train, bus, coach, etc.) and shopping centres and retail chains/parks often experience great success with vending machines due to the large number of people who visit and pass through them on a daily basis.

We take pride at Intelligent Vending Ltd in the products and services we provide. Our public site vending package is perfect for high footfall public areas which have the potential to generate significant product unit sales. The reliable vending machines supplied are stocked with market leading branded products. These are regularly reviewed based on current market trends and updated as appropriate to help ensure the highest possible sales are achieved for our clients (increased sales = increased royalties).

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Change Machines

Anywhere bank notes are not accepted or specific denominations of coins are required – such as near parking meters or in games arcades – change machines are the solution.

Change machines come in 3 main variations:

* note to coin (note in -> coin(s) out)
* coin to coin (coin in -> coin(s) out)
* note and coin to coin (note and coin in -> coin(s) out)

When considering the purchase of change machines, deciding on the machine variation and the required coin denomination configuration should be the first step (for example: changing banknotes to just £1 coins and/or 20 pence pieces, etc.). We can provide change machines which dispense up to 3 different denominations of coin.

Intelligent Vending Ltd supply a variety of change machines suitable for a wide range of locations. Whether you are looking for coin to coin or note to coin dispensing, wall mounted or floor standing, we aim to provide a secure solution that you can rely on.

Change machines are probably most commonly seen in arcades and casinos, but they are used in many other locations such as airports, train & bus stations, libraries, colleges & universities, bars & restaurants, staff canteens or just near other vending machines for the consumers’ convenience.

Change machines are not just limited to changing money from one denomination to another; we also offer token change machines for self-service businesses. Laundrettes are a good example of a useful application for token vending machines.

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Snacks to Stop the Hunger Pains

Snack vending machines have crept into the heart of our society. You can find them almost everywhere – wherever hungry people walk and work. You may think that snack vending is simply a matter of filling a machine with snack foods and placing it a hall or room. On the surface that is true, however, getting the most from snack machines takes time and requires tactical thought.

If you think it is mere coincidence that the snack machines near you just happen to stock some of your favourite crisps and treats, think again; they have most likely been carefully selected based on the buying habits of its customers.

The key to successful snack vending

Stocking and positioning snack food vending machines is a skill to be developed. Sales from snack vending machines can be significantly boosted by monitoring stock levels and consumer purchase choices to better cater to the target market with more suitable products and advertising. Try and make it as hard as possible for the people who frequent that hallway or room to resist your vending efforts.

This can be helped by strategically placing your snack vending machine in the most tempting spot available and where it will be seen by as many people as possible. Next, fill it with all the snacks and confectionery your target market favour and enjoy the rewards.

You might consider doing research to discover more about the likes, dislikes, wants and desires of your target audience. It involves a little more work but can really help speed up the process of optimising profits through refined product selection and enhanced marketing.

If you would like more information, you can view our snacks vending machine page or call us on +44 (0) 1629 825555. For alternative ways to contact us, please follow this link: Contact Intelligent Vending Ltd.

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Vending Machine Vinyl Branding

A strong brand is a highly desirable asset for any company. A good brand increases market awareness and provides a steady platform on which to develop the reputation of your business. Whether it be a letter, business card, van, building or vending machine: incorporating your unique style and company branding instils consumer confidence and trust in your business while doing wonders for creating a professional image to reflect your service.

The concepts behind a successful vending machine campaign are very similar to those of a typical shop. Customers will only be aware of your existence and be motivated to purchase your products after first being attracted to your sales outlet. Appropriate, appealing advertising and a strategically planned location are essential criteria required for achieving these goals.

While choice of location can often be limited by obstacles which are somewhat out of our control, the approach you take to promoting, marketing and advertising is only limited by your imagination (well, mostly.).

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd
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