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Vending Machines in Schools

The place of vending machines in schools can be a debate of some controversy. Yet, with strategic thinking and careful planning, vending machines can provide a positive and mutually-beneficial solution between students and schools.

In the USA there has recently been a lot of focus on snack vending machines in schools, following calls from the Obama administration as part of a campaign designed to promote healthier lifestyles amongst the younger population.

However, if stocked with appropriate products, vending machines in schools can sometimes actually encourage healthier eating habits – while also providing revenue for the school.

Aside from the obvious potential advantage of profit, there are other important factors which can be overlooked by schools, when deciding on the suitability of vending machines.

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Obama for Healthy Vending Machines

Last week the Obama administration announced plans to set new legislation in place to remove sugary snacks and drinks from school vending machines. The motivation behind the campaign has arisen from America’s increasing levels of child obesity and diabetes.

Barack is not alone in this war on weight, either. Last month, the first lady, Michelle Obama, also declared plans to lead an initiative aimed at reducing obesity levels amongst their younger population. The ‘Let’s Move’ campaign has been created to try and encourage healthier and more active lifestyles.

The response to this initiative has been generally positive and has received a great deal of support. However, for many American citizens, Obama’s plans to regulate vending machines in schools have not been met with such enthusiasm.

It won’t really come as a surprise to anyone that the food industry is particularly unhappy about this idea, some retaliating with counter-campaigns to try and keep the junk food in the vending machines.

Some other people argue that it will be too expensive and also that the majority will be unfairly disadvantaged as a result of problems among the minority.

Results from the American National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) conducted in 1971-1974 showed obesity levels among school-aged adolescents, aged 12-19 years was at 6.1%. The latest figures from the 2003-2006 data set showed this figure had increased to 17.6%.

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Healthy Vending Machines

Vending machines are everywhere today. You will find them at home, in office buildings, reception areas, schools, shops and everywhere in-between. The truth is that vending machines have become a vital part of many peoples’ lives – and they can become a huge part of your business!

As a business owner it is important to exploit all possible revenue streams. Vending machines for staff or customers can be a good source of money and should always be considered.

Even if shops are nearby, human nature means we usually want to expel as little energy as possible (well, most of us at least); we tend to prefer the easy option. For this reason, conveniently placed vending machines will always be appealing – and can often even get away with charging slightly higher prices.

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines are probably what most people think of when they picture typical vending machines. Snack and food vending machines can be a great way of making extra money from your existing business premises.

The first important choice to make prior to considering the purchase of snack vending machines should be whether you would be better suited with a self-management vending machine service (self-filling – arranging own vending machine products), or a fully operated vending machine service (vending machine stock managed by dedicated vending machine operators).

Usually, answers to a few initial questions should help you make an informed decision:

How large is your organisation?
Do you have a staff member available who you could entrust with this responsibility?
What type of products/brands do you wish to vend?
How many products do you think you could sell a week?

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Snacks to Stop the Hunger Pains

Snack vending machines have crept into the heart of our society. You can find them almost everywhere – wherever hungry people walk and work. You may think that snack vending is simply a matter of filling a machine with snack foods and placing it a hall or room. On the surface that is true, however, getting the most from snack machines takes time and requires tactical thought.

If you think it is mere coincidence that the snack machines near you just happen to stock some of your favourite crisps and treats, think again; they have most likely been carefully selected based on the buying habits of its customers.

The key to successful snack vending

Stocking and positioning snack food vending machines is a skill to be developed. Sales from snack vending machines can be significantly boosted by monitoring stock levels and consumer purchase choices to better cater to the target market with more suitable products and advertising. Try and make it as hard as possible for the people who frequent that hallway or room to resist your vending efforts.

This can be helped by strategically placing your snack vending machine in the most tempting spot available and where it will be seen by as many people as possible. Next, fill it with all the snacks and confectionery your target market favour and enjoy the rewards.

You might consider doing research to discover more about the likes, dislikes, wants and desires of your target audience. It involves a little more work but can really help speed up the process of optimising profits through refined product selection and enhanced marketing.

If you would like more information, you can view our snacks vending machine page or call us on +44 (0) 1629 825555. For alternative ways to contact us, please follow this link: Contact Intelligent Vending Ltd.

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