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The vending industry has been in a state of inertia for many years, and while there has been a recognition of the need to change, vending technology remains largely based on that which existed in the 20th Century. The pace of development and the introduction of innovation compare very unfavourably to what has happened in the gaming and kiosk industries, where advances in technology are pounced upon quickly and incorporated into new machines.

A typical example is the recent introduction of credit/debit card & NFC mobile payment solutions which are just breaking though into our market, but are well established elsewhere. With only a very limited number of off-the-shelf solutions currently available for standard vending applications, it is extremely difficult to benchmark products and ensure hardware has the appropriate certification and approvals – even for the largest multi-nationals. Adverse factors (from a vending perspective!) such as the move towards healthy eating and the global recession have created massive financial pressures for traditional vending companies.

There is acceptance that vending needs to progress in order to meet the requirements of the times – in terms of interactivity with the customer and changing the vend activity from functional to rewarding. One of our corporate customers summed this up brilliantly by describing what was traditionally on offer from mainstream vending as ‘boring, dull & outdated’.

As a company, we have always innovated and looked into the future. In terms of products, we have regularly configured vending machines to dispense items that were not thought possible, and we have installed systems into machines that are way beyond what conventional machines were designed to do. On many occasions, however, the limitations of existing vending technology have proved a barrier to delivering exactly to the specification that our clients have required without significant R&D investment and major adaptation to current systems, protocols, and mechanical design. Our expert specialists in the field of software development, SolidWorks, high-end fabrication, electronics, and system architecture are here to help and can resolve many headaches, but they are still invariably frustrated by the inherent limitations of traditional vending platforms.

For example; the advanced hotel system such as Max-eBar® is already replacing traditional minibar provision in hotels, and saving our clients’ money while increasing revenue. This is a very creative solution to a thorny practical problem, but development of innovative systems such as this are often influenced by the inflexibility and limitations of existing vending machines and technology.

Significantly, and very positively, we are now moving to a position where the barriers described above are being overcome, with new system alternatives gradually entering the market, most commonly to date in the premium hot drinks vending arena.

Intelligent Vending intends to be a major contributor to this transformation, and together with our close technology and supply chain partners, we are looking forward to bringing new opportunities and revenue streams to our customers.

We’re sure to be communicating further information regarding this shortly…

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

DarenthMJS Vending Machines Now Available!

Eagle eyed followers of Intelligent Vending will have seen that our online product range has grown dramatically over the past week.  We’re thrilled that we can now offer the full DarenthMJS range of hot/cold drinks and snack machines on our site.  This is a great partnership for us.  Not only are DarenthMJS  one of Europe’s  most innovative and respected designers of vending equipment, they are British and, what’s more, based just up the road from us in north Derbyshire.

We called into their factory a few weeks ago and ended up spending the whole afternoon there.  They have a fantastic showroom and are complete enthusiasts about the equipment they sell – it was almost impossible to get away!  Perhaps best known for providing a large number of well-priced in-cup hot drinks machines to suit every vending, factory and retail requirement, they have recently branched out by developing a high quality, stunning to look at, range of bean to cup machines.

The Roma range not only looks great, with its matt black cabinet, stainless steel features, and choice of different coloured neon effect backlighting; the coffee it produces is equally special, and shows that automatic machines are increasingly a match for their barista operated counterparts at the local coffee shop. In line with their desire to provide innovative and practical solutions, the Roma Duo seamlessly enables two drinks to be made in unison and doubles capacity while reducing waiting times for consumers.

Available with a range of very useful accessories and payment systems, the Roma will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in coffee vending. Why not take a look – the whole DarenthMJS range is now available from Intelligent Vending!

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Astro Systems

New Products Alert! New Product Alert!

Just a quick post to let you know that new products have been added to the website, we now stock Astro Systems GBA ST1 and GBA ST2 Note Readers. These are state of the art note readers. We will be adding more, new and innovative products from Astro Systems in the coming days so keep your eyes peeled!


Happy Friday


Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Intelligent Vending – Looking Forward to the Future

The vending industry operates in a difficult economic climate and even the largest players have faced tough challenges in recent months. Intelligent Vending has responded energetically to the rapidly changing market conditions by reviewing internal operations and establishing a new strategy that will enable us to deliver services more effectively.

Our most significant change is the launch of our new website, which has been designed to be as intuitive and informative as possible and also features an online shop for UK mainland customers. We hope this will help consumers to quickly and effectively identify and purchase or lease the products which best meet their needs.

Of course, for consumers who require advice and support prior to committing to a purchase, there is still the same access to high quality advice and consultancy as always.

Another great feature of our new website is our unique online ‘lease cart’ finance ordering system. Benefits of this system include a breakdown of projected payments and potential tax savings, while also providing users with the ability to submit, review and track finance orders from their account at any time. As far as we are aware, we are the first vending company on the globe to offer this functionality.

The automated nature of this new approach will reduce company overheads and streamline processes; allowing us to pass on savings to our clients and focus on core business activities such as export and bespoke projects. We are confident these changes will enable us to further improve our service to all customers, whether they are small or overseas businesses, charities or large corporate organisations.

This is a challenging but very exciting time for the vending industry with many possibilities opening up. Intelligent Vending intends to be a significant force in its field and be at the forefront of exploiting new opportunities.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

New Vending Machines for Sale

Recently, we added a number of new vending machines to our website. Our range of snack vending machines, food vending machines, drinks vending machines (hot and cold), plus combination vending machines have all been updated. These machines are all top quality and produced by leading, well-known vending manufacturers, but provided at unbeatable prices by Intelligent Vending.

We have made the decision to add these vending machines to our online catalogue to offer our customers even more choice. Many of the new machines have been well received by the market and we are sure our buyers will feel the same.

While you are browsing our site, make sure you don’t forget to take a look at our special offers page as well; full of great deals and promotions, this can be a great place to pick up a bargain and save money on some excellent products. The list of offers is frequently updated as new items become available.

Not only can great offers be found here for vending machines, promotions can also often be found for many of our other products, such as; washroom/condom vending machines, fly killers, air sterilisers, coffee machines and much more (offers on all these items available at time of writing).

Choosing the right vending machine can sometimes seem like a difficult decision, especially when faced with a large selection. If you have any questions or are unsure which vending machine would be best for your situation, we are always happy to help.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Top Quality Vending

Vending machines are fantastic products. Not only are they great for a business as they generate extra revenue, but they are also great from a customer’s perspective as they are convenient and easy to use.

There is a much wider range of goods available from vending machines today, than ever before. Not only are the products more diverse, there is a dramatic increase in vending machines stocked with higher quality items. A good vending company will advise on product choice and supplier and will guide you in the right direction for building your own vending machine success.

Industry experts know just how important it is for our customers to have flexibility in their vending and we aim to assist them in this wherever possible. Many of our customers have strong beliefs or preferences and these can be met in many different ways.

For example, many fair trade suppliers are now offering food and drink products for vending machines. Stocking fair trade products not only benefits the owner of the vending machine, but also the customers, as they are giving back a little from something which they would be purchasing anyway.

Many different types of products are now being stocked in vending machines, as the vending industry steers away from just offering food and drink. While this can be a great way to innovate and generate more profit, it is vitally important to ensure you research and comply with any health & safety or licensing requirements which may be applicable to the products, prior to making them available for sale from your vending machines.

At Intelligent Vending Ltd we have an expert team of customer service advisors to help you with all your vending needs, so no matter how weird or unusual your choice of product, there is a vending option for you.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Drinks Vending Machine Services

With the vast array of soft drinks available nowadays in our supermarkets, shops, cafes and bars, vending machines have had to up their game in terms of the types of products and product selection they offer.

As a reputable vending machine supplier, Intelligent Vending understand the need for customers to have a wide choice in terms of what products they can put in their vending machines. That is why we supply cold and hot drinks vending machines which can accommodate a multitude of drinks products for you to supply; some can even be customised to vend unusual products.

Hot drinks vending machines in particular have come a long way in the past few years, with people now demanding more than just your average instant coffee. The technology now available for providing various types of coffee and hot drinks is astounding, with advancements being so good they are strong enough to stand up against shop bought products. Check out our Flavia coffee machines and Flavia drinks for examples of such quality.

When deciding what type of drinks products to place in your vending machines it is important to think about your clientele. There is no point having a selection of herbal teas if the majority of your customer base will be drinking builder’s breakfast tea, for example.

Choice is there for a reason and that reason is to enable our customers to tailor their vending machines to their specific customer base. Just because the choice is there does not necessarily mean that you have to choose everything available. Consider your options carefully and look at trialling new products for a couple of months until you find the right mix that works for you.

Author: Web Contribution

Vending Machines for Sale

Since Intelligent Vending Ltd was established, our portfolio of vending machines and vending related products has grown extensively – along with the company. Our comprehensive range of vending machines for sale mean there is something for everyone, whatever our clients’ needs may be.

Whether you are looking for a snack or hot drinks vending machine for your businesses’ employees, an air sterilization system to keep your environment clean and safe, or a domestic fly killer to keep pesky insects away at home; we can provide them all, and everything in-between.

An early ethos of the company was ensuring only top-quality vending machines and products appeared in our catalogue and were sold with integrity and customer satisfaction in mind. The vending machine market can be a minefield of unreliability and false promises; buyers should always be careful when choosing their supplier.

Read More …

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Fly Killers

Fly killers come in many shapes, sizes and prices; and each differ in features and operating methods. Deciding which fly killer is most useful for your situation isn’t always easy, especially when researching them for the first time.

Fly killers come in two main types: electric grid and glue board. These descriptions refer to the way they trap the flying insects. Electric fly killers electrocute flying pests upon collision with the internal electric grid (the collision completes the circuit which creates the desired electrical arc). The insects then typically drop down in to a ‘catch-tray’ for easy disposal.

However, glue board fly killers work in a different way. A replaceable glue board within the fly killer unit acts as the trap. Insects collide with the glue board, becoming permanently stuck and unable to detach themselves.

Read More …

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Vending Machines and Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is part of most people’s daily lives now, with people becoming increasingly more aware of health issues and how their diet can affect them. At Intelligent Vending we have recognised the importance of this and also appreciate the responsibility which an employer or a public service environment has on providing healthier options for staff or the general public.

Our range of healthier vending machines are highly beneficial in the way they keep and provide a vast choice of snacks, from healthy food through to treats. Vending machines are available with dual temperature controls to enable fresh food and cold drinks to be provided alongside snacks.

Various dispensing systems from spiral vending to carousel vending to elevator systems enable a mixed range of goods, from larger bulky packets such as crisps, to delicate items such as fresh fruit. The various options mean products will not be damaged in the purchasing/dispensing process.

Read More …

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