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Tick, tock.

Intelligent Wholesale only have a few days left of their special offers. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to grab a bargain before it’s too late. Whether it is pest control you need for the coming months or a vending machine for the outdoors, we have got something for everyone, but time is running out to buy at such incredible prices.

Always use protection

Personal Protection Equipment vending machines provide the means of addressing challenges faced by companies and their managers. There is a legal requirement for employers to provide protective and protective related equipment to staff who may be exposed to personal risk and danger in the workplace; this is an area of activity that is overseen on behalf of Government by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Not only does failure to provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) present a potential physical risk to employees (sometimes life threatening), it could lead to serious legal and financial consequences if a prosecution relating to alleged negligence arises.

Depending on the type of work and number of employees involved, the issuing and monitoring of protective equipment can become a complicated area to control, sometimes also allowing costs to escalate unnecessarily. Many employers have seen the benefits of making equipment available through on-site vending machines. Such machines are particularly suitable for providing protective gloves, goggles and ear defenders etc. Machines provide good availability of equipment, they offer storage under good conditions, and they provide the means for employers to monitor usage and access to the equipment.

At Intelligent Vending, we can provide a complete vending solution for managing and distributing stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to workers, using vending machines.

Grab your bargains!

Sale ends soon. Last few days for the products we have on sale. Grab your bargain quick at Intelligent Wholesale before it’s too late.


Travel light(er)

When packing a suitcase to go anywhere for any length of time there are always two things that take up the most space. Shoes (very important wherever you go. A necessity, some might say!) and your hairdryer (probably more important than your shoes!) These two accessories are not very travel friendly and take up a lot of essential packing space… well not anymore. Intelligent Wholesale have the Swiss Fold-Away 5400 by Valera. This popular hairdryer sports a whopping 2000w and boasts maximum space saving capability with its foldable handle and is easily stored and very portable. With 6 airflow/temperature combinations, a 3 metre Super Flex straight cable for ample range of movement and a long-life DC motor, this is an ideal choice for many particularly those travelers among us.

Solis Swiss Superlight

Universally accepted by all who blow dry their hair that within a minute or two your lovely hairdryer feels like you are waving a brick around your head. Why do they always seem so heavy the moment you lift them above your shoulder for any length of time? Well that arm strain and muscle fatigue could be a thing of the past with the Swiss Perfection Superlight Solis hair dryer. With ion technology for smooth, shiny hair and an ergonomic grip it makes this a highly sought-after product. It operates at 1800 watts making it incredibly fast drying, it also has multiple speed settings and a removable hair filter making this a highly desirable product on the market, especially to those of us who should probably be strengthening our arm muscles in the gym!

Intelligent Wholesale has arrived

Intelligent Wholesale is finally here. This is the business-to-business ecommerce trading division of Intelligent Vending. Our fantastic new homepage clearly showcases the most popular categories making it easy to navigate and operate. The highlighted deals are easily accessible as you scroll down the page and be sure not to miss out on our regular informative and inciteful blogs. At Intelligent Vending we believe our website to be an ever growing, ever evolving, living, breathing catalogue of choice.  With this in mind an exciting addition to the website is on the horizon. It will be accessible on the website through our technology centre. This is where we showcase our in-house designed, next generation of automated retail.  We will be soon be presenting more of our latest technology with traditional high-quality engineering…. but that’s all for now… Better watch this space


The Bactokill Air Steriliser has been designed and developed to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses! It has low running costs, has twin speed fan for versatility and as it works it controls the dwell time of air passing through the chamber and over the UVC lamps. It is during this dwell time that the bacteria, moulds and viruses are virtually eliminated! Goodbye you nasty things, be seeing you! (BCNU!)

The Bactokill is also used in destroying, not masking, stubborn malodours in areas such as nursing homes or changing rooms. The versatile nature of the product allows it to be situated in a variety of locations including hospitals, surgeries, waiting rooms, food preparation areas, hospitality environments, homes and offices. This air steriliser even has a fragrance dispensing feature (optional) which could dramatically improve the hygiene and freshness of a space with a selection of delicate scents. TYVM.

Customised and bespoke vending solutions

Intelligent Vending Ltd specialises in translating vending ideas into practical solutions that are marketable in the real world. As a provider of turnkey solutions within the vending industry we see ourselves as market leaders. Whereas many vending companies concentrate on a few static products, and operate to traditional industry conventions, Intelligent Vending Ltd loves nothing better than to tackle new challenges presented by its customers and bring imagination and innovation to problem solving. Overall, we prefer long term and sustainable relationships with our clients and customers because that usually means a win-win for both parties.

Some of our recent customised vending machine solutions include stationery vending machines to dispense: pens, pencils, rubbers, calculators, printer cartridges, USB memory sticks, batteries, CD-Rs, writing sets, highlighters, staplers, hole-punches, Pritsticks and many more; personal protective equipment (PPE) and engineering components with stock control and management systems; industrial vending; cosmetics, sun creams, moisturisers and perfumes; a wide range of novelty products (for bar and nightclub environments); sports and nutritional products such as protein shakes and energy bars; plus many more.

We typically work with a close and trusted network of specialist vending machine and system development partners who bring the widest range of knowledge and experience to the table. This has particular benefits when we are tackling complex vending machine design projects or wanting to incorporate the latest technology. Since we are often working at the cutting edge of new ideas and applications we understand the need for utmost confidentiality with our clients, and we frequently (and happily) work within the protections provided by a non-disclose agreement (NDA). This again benefits all parties, and inspires mutual trust within the development relationship.

Notwithstanding the confidence that lies behind the above, we are always honest with our customers. If it’s simply not possible to achieve the desired vending machine solution for an economic and viable price, we will say so at the earliest stage. Customers should realise, however, that developing bespoke vending solutions is not normally cheap or straightforward, particularly when small numbers of vending machines are required. However, the potential rewards can be enormous.

Our Vending Machine Provision

Intelligent Vending Ltd is an energetic and dynamic vending machine supplier that is able to provide you with traditional and mainstream vending at market leading prices, as well as advise you regarding the latest technology and how this might work for you. The company is well established in its field and has gained a strong reputation with its customers for delivering a flexible and responsive service that covers from determining suitability, to supply and maintenance.

Typically, customers tell us about their vending needs and we identify the machine or product that most closely matches their requirements. Because we are not tied to any particular machine or manufacturer, we are able to provide sound, ‘intelligent’ and well balanced advice. Although Intelligent Vending Ltd is based in the UK we are also experienced exporters of vending machines and components, including currency setup for a wide range of international markets. We have shipped our machines to countries as diverse as Australia, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Ethiopia, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Greenland, as well as to mainland countries of the EU. We are becoming experts at finding our way through export bureaucracy and red tape, so if you want a vending machine delivering to a little beach cafe on a far flung island paradise then that’s no problem for us!

Intelligent Vending Ltd is fast becoming the first choice vending company for customers with both mainstream and more challenging vending machine requirements. With a wide range of vending machines and substantial knowledge of the industry, plus enthusiasm for what we do that you would find hard to match (really true!), this has to be the place to meet all your vending requirements.

Developments in the Vending industry

Modern vending offers the same benefits as it always has. Vending machines can offer exceptional service to staff and visitors 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, even when normal retail outlets are closed. For businesses, vending also offers a way to extend opening hours, and generate additional profits; they are also an excellent means of providing refreshments for staff and, if pricing is effective, a tangible reflection that management values its workforce.

Vending machines can also save down time by avoiding the need for staff to travel off site at lunch time, or visit other parts of the factory to replenish stock or components for production processes.

In commercial and industrial settings, vending machines are also increasingly being used to control the allocation of products for cost/regulatory purposes, or to reduce pilfering and on site wastage. To support such activity, machine control systems have become very sophisticated and are now able to remotely stock-take, monitor usage, or prevent unauthorised access.

Sophisticated payment and operating systems are increasingly being incorporated into vending machines. Note and card payment systems are now fairly common, and the current move is towards contactless and NFC (Near Field Communication) payment systems using a mobile phone or card to allow payment by merely ‘swiping or waving’ in front of the reader on the vending machine. Touch screen and intelligent technology are also becoming available. These elements can expand vending machines beyond simple selling to advertising, brand promotion, and more ‘interactive’ engagement of the purchaser with the machine. Some vending machines are so smart they even recognise the characteristics of the person in front of the machine, e.g. gender, to determine what information/advertising is presented on the display screen to them.

All of the above coming soon to a vending machine near you – some exciting times ahead with Intelligent Vending Ltd!!

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