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The Break Cup

Everyone needs that little pick me up at some point in the day, whether it is first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon. The beautiful Rosa 9oz vending paper cups are the ideal container to enhance your beverage pleasure. They are a top seller within the vending industry and it isn’t hard to see why, with lovely white writing over a rich blushed-rose coloured background, it seems a shame to throw them away (into the recycling bin!) after finishing… fortunately they come in packs of 1000 so there will be no excuse not to get another one, keeping you perkier for longer!

US Beverage Industry to Include Calorie Information on Vending Machines

The subject of our last article was Barack Obama’s plans to attempt to reduce childhood obesity by removing sugary snack and drink vending machines from America’s schools. In a related effort, First Lady Michelle Obama has called for action from the beverage industry to help with her healthy families campaign.

It seems this call may now have been answered by the non-alcoholic beverage companies which are members of the American Beverage Association (including The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Red Bull North America, Inc. and many other major brands). The ABA has volunteered a new initiative which intends to present calorie information on their products in a more clear and useable manner.

Vending machines and product labels are two main areas which will be focussed on by this initiative. Vending machine beverage selection buttons are set to contain details of product calorie counts, while information on products themselves will be improved by additions such as per-serving calorie totals on the labels of items with higher volumes.

Only vending machines controlled by respective beverage companies will be affected by these changes, but perhaps it may prompt other operators to follow suit if the idea is welcomed by consumers.

Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate

Our Flavia drinks menu is soon to be updated with the delicious new: Mars Galaxy hot chocolate, which will replace the existing Flavia hot chocolate drink: Choco.

This of course means that Flavia Choco will be delisted; here are 3 reasons why this is a good thing:

* Flavia Galaxy is made using real chocolate

* 75% of people prefer Flavia Galaxy hot chocolate to Choco

* Galaxy is the fastest growing Mars Inc. chocolate brand in the world

Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate

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Increase Business Profits with Vending Machines

In tight economical times, all businesses can do with a little extra monetary help to fill a few holes the budget cannot quite reach. The source of an extra business income may well be right under your nose; you just are not seeing it yet. What you need is vending machines. Yes, vending machines are a surprisingly profitable source of extra income for any business with a large staff contingent.

Starving off the munchies

Vending machines are especially popular in companies that have many staff members in sedentary desk jobs. When people sit down at a desk and in front of a computer, they tend to want to munch. Call centres are particularly lucrative vending profit generators. The best part is that people are pressed for time or simply cannot be bothered to walk down the street for a snack.

So if you provide them with a quick fix answer to their mid day munch attack they are likely to jump at it. Vending machines come in all shapes and sizes and they deliver all sorts of tasty goods. It is important to find out which items your staff will demand the most and keep your vending machine stocked.

Vending machines in offices can generate significant profit through numerous small sales. Tally up lots of items being sold per week and you can start seeing the bigger profit picture. Every penny your company or business can bring in extra can go towards growing your business even when customers are strapped for cash.

There are some cases however, such as in the retail sector, where fewer sales of DVDs, video games, or electronics (including the iPod) can realise even greater potential.

Intelligent Vending for Profits

Convenience is the keyword to consider when investing in vending machines – after all that’s what they’re designed for – and intelligent management could turn yours from a simple piece of service equipment to being a great profit producer and an outlet to market new products.

Intelligent Vending Ltd. don’t just supply, we offer you expert advice too. From stocking tips to office placement ideas, whether you’re looking to invest in new vending machines or simply want to increase the profit margin from those you already have, we can help.

Go about it the smart way

It would be easy to pack your vending machines with random items, but if you want to tempt your staff and clients to buy them, you’ll need to think about the products you choose. With vending options including drinks, snacks, health foods and cosmetic products, it’s clear that knowing your market is an important step towards success in intelligent vending.

Ok, so you’ve worked out what your buyers really want – the next step in intelligent vending is making sure your machine is in a high traffic or social area. Keeping your machine in plain sight and making sure it’s always full of brightly packaged goods will always attract hungry customers.

Just contact Intelligent Vending Ltd. Using your vending criteria and our wealth of market knowledge, we can provide you with a proposal detailing the vending machine options which best suit you and your business.

Smart vending equals smart profits!

Introducing Kruger Water Coolers

We have just added the exciting Kruger water coolers to our website. These water coolers are of the highest quality and come packed full of great features – not to mention they look fantastic!

Floor standing and tabletop models are both available to suit all environments and the highly aesthetically pleasing design is certain to compliment any office or workspace.

Refresh yourself in style this Summer with freshly filtered ice cool water, available any time at the touch of a button. Whether you are looking to buy or rent: we highly recommened you consider Kruger water coolers.

Please view our water coolers page for more information, including downloadable brochures and technical specifications.

G-Drink Cold Drink Vending Machines

We have added a new cold drinks vending machine to our website. The G-Drink vending machine has some very advanced features. One such feature is the ‘drink catcher’ delivery system: this innovation helps reduce the unwanted build up of fizz often generated from carbonated drinks falling from higher shelves in the vending machine. The product remains standing up and is carefully delivered to the consumer quickly and reliably (total vending time is less than 8 seconds).The G-Drink also has a built in optical sensor to monitor correct product delivery, increasing reliability and consumer satisfaction.

These economical cold drinks vending machines are insulated and come fitted with LED lighting as standard to reduce power consumption. With diverse branding options and great security features this drinks vending machine meets most demands, making it perfect for a wide variety of locations.

For more information on the G-Drink soft drinks vending machine, including a brochure will full technical specification, please use the following link:

G-Drink Soft Drinks Vending Machine

Water Coolers

Nothing beats a nice cold drink of water for quenching thirst and keeping hydrated. In the workplace, water coolers can be the perfect platform for refreshing staff and visitors: they are quick, easy and cost effective and are welcomed by everyone. Water coolers from Intelligent Vending Ltd are either available to purchase outright, or can typically be rented over a 3 year agreement (other terms available on request). Our water cooler rental agreements are inclusive of installation, support and twice yearly sanitisation.

Water coolers come in two main types: bottled and POU (Point of Use). Bottled water coolers use replaceable containers to provide the water, whereas POU water coolers are plumbed directly in to the mains water supply. Obviously, it is important to decide which type is most suitable for your needs at the outset.

For a variety of reasons, we recommend POU water coolers are used whenever possible. The difference in the quality of the water itself is perhaps the most important factor. It is not uncommon for bottled water to sit for a large portion of its shelf life in a warehouse somewhere before being delivered to and used by the consumer; in comparison, filtered regular tap water can provide a significantly nicer drink. Interestingly, there are actually more standards in place for regulating tap water in Europe and the US than there are for regulating bottled water.

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The Flavia ® Way

We all know the importance of a nice hot drink. They help calm our mood, boost motivation and give us that extra nudge we need to work more effectively through the day. Not to mention they taste delicious – provided you use the right tools and ingredients, of course!

There are a vast number of hot drinks machines to choose from in today’s market – true to such an extent that choosing the right machine for the home or office can be a daunting experience.

It might help you to know that for us, Flavia machines and Flavia drinks are a favourite around our office. We use them on a daily basis, and have done for years. Flavia has spent over 25 years perfecting their vending systems to deliver one of the freshest, most delicious drinks around.

Flavia provides the ultimate hot drinks vending machine solution.

Quality is paramount throughout: the best ingredients are sourced from around the world, and served to you in highly reliable machines designed with simplicity in mind.

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