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A happy customer

A recent testimonial from a happy customer regarding the work Sam Roe, our Strategic Director has been involved in at Derby University with regards to a customised vending solution.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Sam Roe over the last 6 months or so, developing a different vending offer for our students. Sam has been extremely generous with his time and always gave sound advice on which products to stock and where to put them in the machines to get the best return.

Sam is passionate about his work, sometimes even obsessive, but always a true professional. I have no problem recommending Sam and his company for any vending needs you may require.”


Jonathan Birrell

Finance Manager

University of Derby Students Union


Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Luxe Vending in Mumbai:

Just recently launched in Mumbai, are vending machines which vend not only gold and silver, which is sporadically available elsewhere, but also precious jewels and diamonds! This vending machine has been launched with the idea to make jewels accessible to all, but also due to Indians “unquenchable appetite for jewels and precious metals”.

The first machine has now been launched in the exclusive Phoenix Mills shopping mall located in central Mumbai, with a range of 36 different products, and a price range of between 1,000 rupees (about £12.60) to 30,000 rupees, allowing the machine to cater to most pockets of customers in the mall.

The Gitanjali Group, the company responsible for this machine have said they have hopes to expand into at least 75 locations, including more shopping centres, airports and Hindu temples around India. While the Gitanjali group claim there will be no real security problems with the vending machines as they are incredibly robust, and placed in secure locations, men in the local area are seeing a very different problem with the machines. Jammy Gagrat, a local businessman expressed his concern; “this machine is going to be a problem for the gents! Ladies are going to keep on buying more and more every time they come here!”

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Intelligent Vending for Profits

Convenience is the keyword to consider when investing in vending machines – after all that’s what they’re designed for – and intelligent management could turn yours from a simple piece of service equipment to being a great profit producer and an outlet to market new products.

Intelligent Vending Ltd. don’t just supply, we offer you expert advice too. From stocking tips to office placement ideas, whether you’re looking to invest in new vending machines or simply want to increase the profit margin from those you already have, we can help.

Go about it the smart way

It would be easy to pack your vending machines with random items, but if you want to tempt your staff and clients to buy them, you’ll need to think about the products you choose. With vending options including drinks, snacks, health foods and cosmetic products, it’s clear that knowing your market is an important step towards success in intelligent vending.

Ok, so you’ve worked out what your buyers really want – the next step in intelligent vending is making sure your machine is in a high traffic or social area. Keeping your machine in plain sight and making sure it’s always full of brightly packaged goods will always attract hungry customers.

Just contact Intelligent Vending Ltd. Using your vending criteria and our wealth of market knowledge, we can provide you with a proposal detailing the vending machine options which best suit you and your business.

Smart vending equals smart profits!

Author: Web Contribution

Converting a Vending Machine into a Money Maker

Many people rely on vending machines for a quick snack, a drink, and so much more, so these gentle giants loom very much welcomed in business lobbies, foyers and halls.

Vending machines can cater to almost any need out there and that is what makes them so special. Gone are the days of these mechanical vending giants being restricted to crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks.

You can now get health foods, stationery, PPE (personal protective equipment), umbrellas, shoes, perfume, Bentley sports cars (that’s absolutely true!), DVDs & CDs, novelty condoms and sex toys, flavoured water, hot drinks to rival the coffee shop and so much more from these machines. Their versatility has helped the vending business develop into an empire. It is not rocket science nowadays to turn a vending machine into a cash cow.

An investment that pays for itself one-hundred-fold

It is difficult to sustain a natural drive to go the extra distance unless there is a reasonably good reward waiting at the finish line. People also have so much to fit into their daily schedules that the less time they have to spend running around to find snacks the more they can get done. This is where your vending machine profitability comes into play.

Especially if you have a larger workforce, a vending machine is a blessing. Stocking your vending machine with a variety of the popular snacks, drinks and other consumables that are popular among your employees will make a cash cow out of it.

The less effort people have to put into getting what they want the less they mind paying a few pence more for the convenience.

Author: Web Contribution
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