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Vending machines are now more than just a place to get a quick snack. Vending machines supplying bespoke products such as music CDs and magazines are becoming increasingly available. These are ideal for creating a custom retail environment and providing consumers with a diverse range of products.

Convenience is becoming increasingly important for businesses and the general public. Providing a self-service option for high-demand products and frequent purchases can offer a high level of convenience which is beneficial to both parties. Stationery items and computer consumables are great examples of such products and vending machines that dispense these products can be popular and profitable.

At Intelligent Vending we are aware that there may be an element of concern regarding the potential of theft from or vandalism to vending machines carrying high value or high-demand products; this is where our advanced technology can help you stay ahead of the game.

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Stationery Vending Machines

Vending stationery equipment isn’t something new for us here at Intelligent Vending Ltd: back in 2005 we had a stationery vending machine proudly on display at the AVEX International Vending Machine Exhibition at Earls Court in London. The vending machine was a great success – even back then at the early stages of the project. Since then there have been numerous developments with our machines which allow us now to offer very cost-effective solutions.

Interest in stationery vending machines seems to be rapidly growing. This is an exciting prospect for us as we are able to provide outstanding stationery equipment vending solutions for clients.

Of course, stationery vending machines do not need to be limited to vending stationery equipment alone; office equipment and IT consumables (PC supplies such as USB Keys, headphones/headsets , printer cartridges, etc.) and other similarly packaged items are also ideally suited for these machines. Our machines have a delivery system designed for dealing with fragile products. This helps protect items during vending and allows peace of mind when vending delicate and higher value goods.

When we refer to stationery vending, we do not mean just pens, pencils, sharpeners and erasers. Pretty much everything you could want to dispense is an option with these vending machines. Staplers, hole-punchers, calculators, batteries, A4 pads, notepads/jotters, art sets (paints, brushes, etc.) and sketching and drawing sets are just few of the items which can be vended with no problems whatsoever.

Stationery vending machines are great additions for schools, colleges, universities, offices or anywhere else where such equipment is frequently used and is an essential requirement.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Vending Machine Vinyl Branding

A strong brand is a highly desirable asset for any company. A good brand increases market awareness and provides a steady platform on which to develop the reputation of your business. Whether it be a letter, business card, van, building or vending machine: incorporating your unique style and company branding instils consumer confidence and trust in your business while doing wonders for creating a professional image to reflect your service.

The concepts behind a successful vending machine campaign are very similar to those of a typical shop. Customers will only be aware of your existence and be motivated to purchase your products after first being attracted to your sales outlet. Appropriate, appealing advertising and a strategically planned location are essential criteria required for achieving these goals.

While choice of location can often be limited by obstacles which are somewhat out of our control, the approach you take to promoting, marketing and advertising is only limited by your imagination (well, mostly.).

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd
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