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We have just added a new section to our website for Bag-in-Box water coolers. The Bag-in-Box (BiB) concept is a relatively new application for water coolers in the UK, and provides many advantages over traditional bottled water coolers (as do our POU water coolers).

Especially important in these carbon conscious times are the numerous economical and environmental benefits provided by the bag in box method. As time goes on and environmental factors become more important, so will the issue of the high carbon footprint left by bottled water cooler systems. The bag in box water cooler process is much more environmentally friendly, while also being more hygienic, practical and cost effective. Oh and did we mention, getting rid of the bottles makes water coolers look much … cooler!

For more information on the advantages of bag in box water coolers, and to see the models we have on offer, please visit our: Bag in Box Water Coolers page.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

Water Coolers

Nothing beats a nice cold drink of water for quenching thirst and keeping hydrated. In the workplace, water coolers can be the perfect platform for refreshing staff and visitors: they are quick, easy and cost effective and are welcomed by everyone. Water coolers from Intelligent Vending Ltd are either available to purchase outright, or can typically be rented over a 3 year agreement (other terms available on request). Our water cooler rental agreements are inclusive of installation, support and twice yearly sanitisation.

Water coolers come in two main types: bottled and POU (Point of Use). Bottled water coolers use replaceable containers to provide the water, whereas POU water coolers are plumbed directly in to the mains water supply. Obviously, it is important to decide which type is most suitable for your needs at the outset.

For a variety of reasons, we recommend POU water coolers are used whenever possible. The difference in the quality of the water itself is perhaps the most important factor. It is not uncommon for bottled water to sit for a large portion of its shelf life in a warehouse somewhere before being delivered to and used by the consumer; in comparison, filtered regular tap water can provide a significantly nicer drink. Interestingly, there are actually more standards in place for regulating tap water in Europe and the US than there are for regulating bottled water.

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Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd
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