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Jolly good Pro

Intelligent Vending are showcasing the Jolly Pro change machine which boasts a range of product features and has an excellent dispensing capacity. It is slim and versatile and has high security against electronic frauds. It can be set up for banknote acceptance only or set up for banknote and coin acceptance and have a coin payment out or a token payment out.  With a clear LCD graphic display and a machine cloning function the Jolly Pro is a highly desired, sleek, space-saving change machine.

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ATM Cash Machine Inventor John Shepherd-Barron Dies Aged 84

The inventor of the very first ATM ‘hole-in-the-wall’ cash machine, John Shepherd-Barron, died in an Inverness hospital last Saturday, at the age of 84.

After arriving late to the bank one day in 1965 and finding it closed, Mr. Shepherd-Barron was motivated to try and come up with a convenient solution for withdrawing money at any time. Inspiration was reportedly drawn from snack/chocolate vending machines, and following a chance discussion with the head of Barclays Bank in 1967, the first ATM was born. The machine was located at a branch in Enfield, London.

The first ATMs were slightly different to those we are familiar with now; they operated using special cheques matched against a PIN number, rather than with the plastic cash cards they have since evolved to accept.

John Shepherd-Barron neither patented nor made any money from his invention; however, he was made an OBE in 2005 for his services to banking and recognised with a lifetime achievement award from the ATM Industry Association.

Author: Intelligent Vending Ltd

History of Vending Machines

It is widely accepted that the vending machine was first developed way back in the 1st century AD, by a Greek mathematician known as: Hero, or Hero of Alexandria (and later Heron/Heron of…). This vending machine was created to distribute holy water from temples in Egypt. It is believed the mechanics of this vending machine involved a valve which opened and released holy water when a lever was activated by a coin.

However, this particular vending machine engineer was somewhat before his time. Subsequent records of vending machine manufacture appear to be non-existent until the early 18th century, when English colonies (and also later that century, British-American colonies) used simple coin-activated ‘honour boxes’ to sell tobacco and snuff (snuff: n. inhaled or ‘smokeless’ tobacco); though this first use of modern vending machines seems debatable.

Alternative sources credit an English publisher and bookshop owner named Richard Carlisle with the first commercial vending machine (which – unsurprisingly – was used to vend books); whereas it is also documented that coin-operated vending machines to dispense postcards were introduced into London, England around the same time (during the early 1880s).

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