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Bugs off

The hot weather might have dissapated, for now, but we are all still struggling with the onslaught of our little flying friends. However, don’t dispair! Intelligent Wholesale has a range of products for commercial and domestic use that will help fight the problems associated with flying bugs. Check out the full range of pest control products and accessories on our website.

The Summer Flies

With the summer in sight it’ s important to get ready for the influx of insects heading our way. Insect-a-clear has designed an electric grid fly killer, the compact circline which is perfect for use in spaces where flying insects present a potential problem. It is an ideal option where ceiling height or wall space is restricted. The UV lamp has a powerful 22 watt circular high-attraction U.V lamp, capable of attracting insects in an area up to 80m². This fly killer offers great value for money without compromise on construction.

The Vulcan 2

The Insect-a-clear range is extremely technologically advanced. It is almost certainly a leader in the field. The Vulcan 2 Glue Board Fly Killer is a fully electronic piece of kit, yet it ensures minimal power consumption, actually saving you money when compared to its competitors. The design of the Vulcan 2 is curvy and contemporary and can cover an area of up to 80 metres squared. To attract the insects the Vulcan 2 is fitted with two 15w shatter resistant lamps which come as standard. It also uses a super-sized glue board and is corrosion resistant. The design being so pleasing makes this is a product suited to almost any space front or back of house. With the summer heading this way, this is an excellent product to keep insects at bay


Light a Lantern

The Lantern 18w is a professional level IPX4 rated electric grid fly killer with an approximate coverage of 100m². The IP rating of this steel/stainless steel fly killer means it is suitable for use in wet or damp areas (IPX4 rating). It is great for BBQ areas, pub gardens and other locations where outdoor pest control is necessary. With the hopes of a summer heat wave on the horizon this product is definitely one to put on your wish list! The fly killer comes complete with a black lid and catch tray. Also available with shatter resistant lamps.

Fly to me

The T160 Fly Killer has been specifically designed to aid large/industrial kitchens and food factories meet the strict requirements of the Food Act and it can cover an area of 240m squared. Not only can it be wall mounted and free standing, it can also be suspended and comes with chains!  You just need to exercise some caution when positioning directly over or directly near food preparation areas (to protect against any tiny, zooming fragments of decapitated fly, that could find its way into your freshly prepared egg sandwich, as the ultimate revenge for such a sudden and electrifying death.) Over an entry door would probably be the ideal place, catch the little blighters on their way in.

This electric grid fly killer has been tested to BSEN standards and comes to you fully CE approved, it would seem the machine is also environmentally aware as there is no plastic (so there is nothing to go brittle from UV exposure) and it is also manufactured here in the UK by one of the leading insect control specialists. It feels important to mention that it also brags 4 powerful 15v shatter resistant U.V. lamps which come as standard! A choice of two styles (white or stainless) to suit all pest control professionals. The T160 Fly Killer makes this a tasty addition to any large space or food preparation zone.

Intelligent Wholesale has arrived

Intelligent Wholesale is finally here. This is the business-to-business ecommerce trading division of Intelligent Vending. Our fantastic new homepage clearly showcases the most popular categories making it easy to navigate and operate. The highlighted deals are easily accessible as you scroll down the page and be sure not to miss out on our regular informative and inciteful blogs. At Intelligent Vending we believe our website to be an ever growing, ever evolving, living, breathing catalogue of choice.  With this in mind an exciting addition to the website is on the horizon. It will be accessible on the website through our technology centre. This is where we showcase our in-house designed, next generation of automated retail.  We will be soon be presenting more of our latest technology with traditional high-quality engineering…. but that’s all for now… Better watch this space

Fly Killers

Fly killers come in many shapes, sizes and prices; and each differ in features and operating methods. Deciding which fly killer is most useful for your situation isn’t always easy, especially when researching them for the first time.

Fly killers come in two main types: electric grid and glue board. These descriptions refer to the way they trap the flying insects. Electric fly killers electrocute flying pests upon collision with the internal electric grid (the collision completes the circuit which creates the desired electrical arc). The insects then typically drop down in to a ‘catch-tray’ for easy disposal.

However, glue board fly killers work in a different way. A replaceable glue board within the fly killer unit acts as the trap. Insects collide with the glue board, becoming permanently stuck and unable to detach themselves.

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Fly Killers – Your Ideal Pest Control Unit

We have just updated our website with a new feature, the fly killer product wizard.

Flying insects are not only an irritant – whether at home or the workplace – they are unhygienic and a potential hazard if working around sensitive products such as food or packaging.

Intelligent Vending Ltd offers some of the finest quality fly killers/pest control units currently available on the market.

To help you figure out which one is most suited to your needs, we have created a fly killer wizard, which should point you in the right direction after answering a handful of easy questions.

Our prices for fly killers are some of the best around so it’s always worth getting in contact for a quote. Additionally, if you can provide us with evidence of a cheaper price elsewhere, we will do our best to beat it!

For more information please email us or call us on: +44 (0) 1629 825555

Introducing Insect-a-clear Solo Fly Killers

Insect-a-clear Fly-Shield Solo

We all love summer, but not many of us care for the flying pests it brings. Insects can put off customers, spread bacteria and damage your company’s image – and when at home they can cause major disruption to your well-earned relaxation time.

For those who like to keep their environment clean and free of airborne irritants, we have the perfect solution.

Ideal for the home or the workplace, the stylish and versatile Insect-a-clear Solo fly-killers are available at a price so outstandingly low they are certain to appeal to everyone.

Purchase a Solo fly killer from Intelligent Vending Ltd today for just £38.50 + VAT including free delivery! This amazing price also includes 6 replacement glue-boards.

We are only able to offer these great units at this price for a very limited time, so it is important to act fast if you are interested.

This is a truly special offer and we are confident you will not find a lower price anywhere else!

For more information on the Insect-a-clear Solo fly killer, please visit our fly-killers page or call us on +44 (0) 1629 825555.

More from Intelligent Vending

Intelligent Vending Ltd is a UK based vending company, located on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire, within the East Midlands. We primarily supply vending machines, catering equipment, machine components, vending ingredients and consumables to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, small, large, and multi-national. The company also has established trading relationships with the public sector, including the armed forces, and we often supply to domestic home users. In addition, we supply services to the vending, catering and hygiene trades and a number our customers are themselves vending machine or hygiene service providers.

Most of our business is conducted over the internet, but we pride ourselves on the high level of personal contact we have with our customers. We have found this to be the best way of understanding our customers’ particular needs, and ensuring that their individual and specialist vending machine requirements are fully met. Pricing is transparent, because we display this on our site – this avoids the need for unnecessary and protracted negotiations because everything we sell is already at a very competitive price. For large and significant orders, however, we are happy to offer even better value (if that is possible!).

Enjoy shopping at Intelligent Vending Ltd!

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