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The Break Cup

Everyone needs that little pick me up at some point in the day, whether it is first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon. The beautiful Rosa 9oz vending paper cups are the ideal container to enhance your beverage pleasure. They are a top seller within the vending industry and it isn’t hard to see why, with lovely white writing over a rich blushed-rose coloured background, it seems a shame to throw them away (into the recycling bin!) after finishing… fortunately they come in packs of 1000 so there will be no excuse not to get another one, keeping you perkier for longer!

Intelligent Wholesale has arrived

Intelligent Wholesale is finally here. This is the business-to-business ecommerce trading division of Intelligent Vending. Our fantastic new homepage clearly showcases the most popular categories making it easy to navigate and operate. The highlighted deals are easily accessible as you scroll down the page and be sure not to miss out on our regular informative and inciteful blogs. At Intelligent Vending we believe our website to be an ever growing, ever evolving, living, breathing catalogue of choice.  With this in mind an exciting addition to the website is on the horizon. It will be accessible on the website through our technology centre. This is where we showcase our in-house designed, next generation of automated retail.  We will be soon be presenting more of our latest technology with traditional high-quality engineering…. but that’s all for now… Better watch this space

Full of Flavia

The Flavia Creation 500 is the perfect hassle-free solution for every workplace. It uses vacuum sealed filter packs to ensure a fresh drink every time and because of this the hot drink machine requires minimal day to day cleaning when compared to the canister and loose ingredient models.

The Flavia Creation 500 supersedes its predecessor the creation 400, Flavia are renowned for their reliability and with this sleek new design the creation 500 is more than just a coffee machine; blending enhanced drinks and menu display options this intelligent technology efficiently calibrates the size, pressure and temperature of your drink!  So, whether you are using the machine for the 4th time or the 400th time you always get consistently delicious drinks full of Flavia.


Refurbished Flavia C400 Machines

For the ultimate in cost effective hot drinks vending for your office or showroom, look no further than a refurbished Flavia Creation 400 machine!

This is just a quick note to let all of our clients know that we’ve managed to source a large quantity of second-hand Flavia Creation 400 machines. These are now available for clients to purchase at an unbelievable price of £245 + VAT each (excluding delivery). They are all fully tested & refurbished by our senior engineers.

Further information regarding our amazing Flavia offers can be seen here: Refurbished Flavia Creation 400 machines and Flavia Drinks Prices

The Flavia Creation 400 can be found in offices the world over – a testament to the high quality, reliability and freshness of drink. This is an industry leading hot drinks vending machine which offers unparalleled beverage flexibility. A wide range of great tasting coffee, tea, hot chocolate and indulgence drinks can be created quickly and with ease. The individually sealed Flavia sachets used to create different drinks provide unbeatable freshness and deliver the perfect drink every time. Different combinations of sachets can be used to create coffee shop quality indulgence drinks, including cappuccinos, mochaccinos, lattes and more.


Key Features of the Flavia Creation 400 machines include:

  • Can either be self-filled (3 litre storage capacity) or plumbed-in directly to water source
  • Over 30 great coffee shop quality drink varieties to cater for all tastes
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Sealed drink sachets provide outstanding levels of freshness and hygiene
  • Really easy cleaning

If you have any queries regarding this special Flavia promotion, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

New Look Flavia Creation 400

As of the 20th September 2010, the Flavia Creation 400 hot drinks machine will sport a fresh new titanium look.

Replacing the old cream finish, the new titanium fascia provides a sleek premium feel, and is intended to better integrate with workplace environments. The previously white lights have now been changed for lights which emit a cool blue glow, further enhancing visual appeal and complimenting the style of many existing electrical products around the office.

In an attempt to boost the intuitive use and user experience of the Flavia coffee machine, the rounded selection buttons have also been replaced with concave versions, to show their purpose more effectively.

There have also been few a slight modifications to the software of the Flavia C400 to make it more simple and easy to use.

The screen saver has been removed, and potentially unfamiliar or unnecessary terms and options have been stripped from the on-screen menu to try and lower the learning curve and reduce the risk of brewing errors. Icons have also been added to some menu items to help users better identify the options they require, and speed up the navigation process.

Finally, a ‘Cappuccino / Espresso’ option has been added to the main menu to reduce confusion and highlight the frothy cappuccino and the improved espresso with smooth crema.

For more information on Flavia coffee machines and the Flavia Creation 400, please visit the following link:

Flavia Machines

Flavia Drinks – Latte Creamer Discontinued

Flavia / Mars Drinks have announced the immediate discontinuation of the ancillary: Latte Creamer, in favour of the recent addition: Cappuccino/Latte Swirl.

Flavia have said that since the Flavia SB100 drinks machine was delisted in 2009, there has been a significant decline in demand for Latte Creamer, and is therefore no longer economically viable.

Cappuccino/Latte Swirl – the recommended replacement – was launched with the introduction of the Flavia S350 and Flavia Creation 400 drinks machines, to create a more authentic cappuccino experience.

If you would like more information on Flavia coffee machines and Flavia drinks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Hot beverages always have been and always will be, extremely popular. Both in the work place and in public areas, a nice hot drink can be comforting, relaxing or even stimulating. Hot beverage vending machines are ideal for a variety of situations, as they can be self service and provide a convenient product at a competitive price.

With the popular trend changing more to fancy coffees, and since the increase in coffee shop chains around towns and city centres, it is important that hot beverage vending machines offer up to date products to cater for consumer needs and requirements.

Today’s hot drinks machines dispense drinks of a much higher quality than they used too, and they are no longer subject to the bad reputation they once were. Hot beverage machines such as the ones from Flavia are able to provide extremely fresh drinks every time; thanks in part to the individually sealed drink sachets which keep flavours and aromas locked inside until use.

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Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate

Our Flavia drinks menu is soon to be updated with the delicious new: Mars Galaxy hot chocolate, which will replace the existing Flavia hot chocolate drink: Choco.

This of course means that Flavia Choco will be delisted; here are 3 reasons why this is a good thing:

* Flavia Galaxy is made using real chocolate

* 75% of people prefer Flavia Galaxy hot chocolate to Choco

* Galaxy is the fastest growing Mars Inc. chocolate brand in the world

Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate

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The Flavia ® Way

We all know the importance of a nice hot drink. They help calm our mood, boost motivation and give us that extra nudge we need to work more effectively through the day. Not to mention they taste delicious – provided you use the right tools and ingredients, of course!

There are a vast number of hot drinks machines to choose from in today’s market – true to such an extent that choosing the right machine for the home or office can be a daunting experience.

It might help you to know that for us, Flavia machines and Flavia drinks are a favourite around our office. We use them on a daily basis, and have done for years. Flavia has spent over 25 years perfecting their vending systems to deliver one of the freshest, most delicious drinks around.

Flavia provides the ultimate hot drinks vending machine solution.

Quality is paramount throughout: the best ingredients are sourced from around the world, and served to you in highly reliable machines designed with simplicity in mind.

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A ‘Fresh’ New Flavia ®

The popular Flavia brand has recently announced some new and exciting changes to their imagery and products. Flavia has been manufacturing high quality hot drinks machines for customers for over 25 years now. As you will already know, the Flavia SB100 (popular for small offices) and the Flavia Creation 400 (higher throughput) are perfect solutions for staff and visitors alike.

With the exciting new tagline: ‘Think Fresh!’ Flavia will once again reinforce their ethos of freshness, choice and convenience; underlining their supremacy for hot drinks vending machines in the workplace.

This new branding will identify Flavia’s key differentiators like the Fresh Release Filterpack technology and unique 3 step process – source, seal and serve. As always, Flavia continues to provide a wide range of high quality drinks with minimal fuss.

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Intelligent Wholesale has arrived

Intelligent Wholesale is finally here. This is the business-to-business ecommerce trading...