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The Benefits Of Intelligent Vending Change Machines

There are many reasons why your premises might benefit from a change machine. We are all used to seeing change machines in arcades and other places where change is often required by most users. Change machines are not exclusive to these locations though and can become a boon to many other organisations and businesses too.

Change machines as supplied by Intelligent Vending Ltd come in a variety of forms to suit any location and provide a secure and reliable solution. Machines are available to take and dispense coins only, or notes to coins and can be wall mounted or floor standing depending on the available space and position.

An example of the kinds of businesses which could benefit a change machine are public houses or bars with quiz machines or other vending machines which take coins. This saves patrons repeatedly coming to the bar for change and having to queue with those waiting for drinks. Another business which may find a change machine on site a very useful addition is a laundrette, especially one with coin activated tumble driers. Having a change machine next to food and drink dispensing vending machines in a high traffic area can also be very handy.

Change vending machines are of course available with differing features depending on your needs. Some take several denominations of cash and dispense only one, whereas others can dispense multiple denominations. Highly secure and also high-tech change machines incorporate reliable vending, pleasing aesthetics and forgery detection and alarm systems to give an all-round excellent service.

Intelligent Vending supply both new and refurbished vending machines, so have solutions to suit all applications and budgets.

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Perfect for a Quick Caffeine Fix

Seeing a vending machine in the office is not an unusual sight today. People love stopping off at a vending machine for a quick snack, or any of the other things that can be found in a vending machine these days. The answer is unanimous though about what vending machine people find the most popular.

Everyone loves the coffee vending machines. Speciality shops throw a spanner in the works though – they offer speciality coffee that attracts many customers. But….vending machine manufacturers are quick on the uptake. That is why today you get many coffee vending machines that offer speciality coffee of the highest quality and, most impressively, rivalling what the coffee shop can deliver.

Coffee at its best

Coffee vending machines are good business. Businesses are always keen to allow a coffee vending machine onto the premises as they know employees dash off for coffee. People want their regular caffeine fix during the day. It is good for morale if staff don’t have to run out in all types of weather for their needed cuppa, and it saves time to have coffee ‘on tap’.

A coffee vending machine is popular for small business premises as well. Owners of shops know that people will come inside to get a good cup of coffee. This means they are more amenable to spending money in the shop at the same time. Coffee vending machines that stock good quality coffee are popular not only on business premises, but also school staff rooms. Sometimes it seems as if the world runs on coffee and coffee vending machines can be a lucrative business.

If you build up a reputation for quality and reliance you can soon have a good business running. If you show clients that you are a responsible entrepreneur, they may ask for more. How far you go in the vending machine business is up to you.

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Converting a Vending Machine into a Money Maker

Many people rely on vending machines for a quick snack, a drink, and so much more, so these gentle giants loom very much welcomed in business lobbies, foyers and halls.

Vending machines can cater to almost any need out there and that is what makes them so special. Gone are the days of these mechanical vending giants being restricted to crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks.

You can now get health foods, stationery, PPE (personal protective equipment), umbrellas, shoes, perfume, Bentley sports cars (that’s absolutely true!), DVDs & CDs, novelty condoms and sex toys, flavoured water, hot drinks to rival the coffee shop and so much more from these machines. Their versatility has helped the vending business develop into an empire. It is not rocket science nowadays to turn a vending machine into a cash cow.

An investment that pays for itself one-hundred-fold

It is difficult to sustain a natural drive to go the extra distance unless there is a reasonably good reward waiting at the finish line. People also have so much to fit into their daily schedules that the less time they have to spend running around to find snacks the more they can get done. This is where your vending machine profitability comes into play.

Especially if you have a larger workforce, a vending machine is a blessing. Stocking your vending machine with a variety of the popular snacks, drinks and other consumables that are popular among your employees will make a cash cow out of it.

The less effort people have to put into getting what they want the less they mind paying a few pence more for the convenience.

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The Art Of Intelligent Vending

A new era has dawned, the rise of the vending machines, and what a brilliant money making opportunity it is for your business. Vending machines are popular with almost anyone who passes them, depends on them or uses them as a source of income.

The very real truth about people is that many are so busy with their full daily schedules that any convenience when it comes to food and drink is going to be favoured about putting effort in to achieve the same result.

That is why you would much rather zip down the hallway to the vending machine than down to the ground floor and down the street to the shop to get the same item for a for pence less’

Don#t just think vending, think smart vending

Just putting a vending machine into the corridor filled with your own personal favourite treats is not the way to go about your vending venture. You are not the only one who will be using it and not all the vending machines on your business premises, especially if it is a large one, are going to contain the exact same things.

Vending machines need to be placed in high traffic areas where they will receive the most exposure to prospective customers. Then you need to vary the contents of the machines according to the types of people who will be using them.

Putting the right products in the right machines in the right locations can lead to a very popular vending machine. Smart vending will lead to smart profits.

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Using Vending Machines On Your Business Premises

Vending machines have slowly made their way into almost every business, school, hospital and many other places. A few years ago you would never have found vending machines so widely spread and readily available as they are now.

This obviously means that they have something going for them. People surely wouldn’t spend so much money on an investment that would turn sour would they? The truth is that vending machines aren’t just getting one thing right; they are getting it right across the board which is why they are increasingly popular the world over.

So what makes them so great and what would it mean to you to make use of a vending machine on your business premises?

Vending ventures, folly or serious business?

When you venture into the world of vending machines you can be forgiven for thinking that these machines only supply sweets, crisps and cool drinks; things that are generally considered junk foods. This is no longer the case of course. You can choose from a wide range of products to suit the needs of your vending target market.

Vending machines on your premises can help generate extra profits in more ways than one. Firstly, your employees pay for the vending machine goods and you pocket the profits. Secondly, having a vending machine means less time for them out of office shopping for nibbles and drinks. Then there is the happy factor. A happy workforce is a productive one.

Boost your profits and your workforce morale by using a vending machine on your business premises.

Author: Web Contribution
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