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Drinks Vending Machine Services

With the vast array of soft drinks available nowadays in our supermarkets, shops, cafes and bars, vending machines have had to up their game in terms of the types of products and product selection they offer.

As a reputable vending machine supplier, Intelligent Vending understand the need for customers to have a wide choice in terms of what products they can put in their vending machines. That is why we supply cold and hot drinks vending machines which can accommodate a multitude of drinks products for you to supply; some can even be customised to vend unusual products.

Hot drinks vending machines in particular have come a long way in the past few years, with people now demanding more than just your average instant coffee. The technology now available for providing various types of coffee and hot drinks is astounding, with advancements being so good they are strong enough to stand up against shop bought products. Check out our Flavia coffee machines and Flavia drinks for examples of such quality.

When deciding what type of drinks products to place in your vending machines it is important to think about your clientele. There is no point having a selection of herbal teas if the majority of your customer base will be drinking builder’s breakfast tea, for example.

Choice is there for a reason and that reason is to enable our customers to tailor their vending machines to their specific customer base. Just because the choice is there does not necessarily mean that you have to choose everything available. Consider your options carefully and look at trialling new products for a couple of months until you find the right mix that works for you.

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Looking to a Safe Future with Condom Vending Machines

Fifty years ago, people knew little about the benefits of condoms and birth control was something that not many people invested in. Today, the condom industry is booming and birth control comes in various forms.

What does that tell you? It means that sex is an important issue and no-one wants unwanted pregnancies or nasty diseases. Sex is no longer the taboo subject it once was and good practice with regards to sexual health is now more commonplace than ever. This is a trend that may intensify in the future as the world’s population continues to rapidly increase and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs) affect more and more people. This shift to a more relaxed attitude has resulted in an increase in the frequency and likelihood of promiscuous behaviour.

Early identification of these trends may help you take advantage and maximise your profit with the use of condom vending machines. For the public sector, however, condom vending machines can be seen as an essential service, without the need to generate profit (i.e. ensuring good sexual health practice at very low cost).

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Vending Machines and Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is part of most people’s daily lives now, with people becoming increasingly more aware of health issues and how their diet can affect them. At Intelligent Vending we have recognised the importance of this and also appreciate the responsibility which an employer or a public service environment has on providing healthier options for staff or the general public.

Our range of healthier vending machines are highly beneficial in the way they keep and provide a vast choice of snacks, from healthy food through to treats. Vending machines are available with dual temperature controls to enable fresh food and cold drinks to be provided alongside snacks.

Various dispensing systems from spiral vending to carousel vending to elevator systems enable a mixed range of goods, from larger bulky packets such as crisps, to delicate items such as fresh fruit. The various options mean products will not be damaged in the purchasing/dispensing process.

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History of Vending Machines

It is widely accepted that the vending machine was first developed way back in the 1st century AD, by a Greek mathematician known as: Hero, or Hero of Alexandria (and later Heron/Heron of…). This vending machine was created to distribute holy water from temples in Egypt. It is believed the mechanics of this vending machine involved a valve which opened and released holy water when a lever was activated by a coin.

However, this particular vending machine engineer was somewhat before his time. Subsequent records of vending machine manufacture appear to be non-existent until the early 18th century, when English colonies (and also later that century, British-American colonies) used simple coin-activated ‘honour boxes’ to sell tobacco and snuff (snuff: n. inhaled or ‘smokeless’ tobacco); though this first use of modern vending machines seems debatable.

Alternative sources credit an English publisher and bookshop owner named Richard Carlisle with the first commercial vending machine (which – unsurprisingly – was used to vend books); whereas it is also documented that coin-operated vending machines to dispense postcards were introduced into London, England around the same time (during the early 1880s).

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Vending Machines for a Better Workplace

Having vending machines available for staff to use in their workplace can be beneficial to both employees and the employer. It is often said that a happy workforce will perform more productively and efficiently, and it is often the smaller aspects of being at work that can motivate staff.

Vending machines are ideal for all sorts of businesses and provide the ultimate in convenience for employees. At Intelligent Vending we provide a wide variety of different vending machines to suit the size and nature of your business.

Vending machines are perfect for a smaller business or industrial premises where there is a limited selection of shops or cafes nearby and staff generally bring in their own lunch. Vending machines provide a boost to staff morale and help to keep energy levels high (and don’t forget those hot drinks machines for that morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate) – an essential requirement for a productive workforce.

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Increase Business Profits with Vending Machines

In tight economical times, all businesses can do with a little extra monetary help to fill a few holes the budget cannot quite reach. The source of an extra business income may well be right under your nose; you just are not seeing it yet. What you need is vending machines. Yes, vending machines are a surprisingly profitable source of extra income for any business with a large staff contingent.

Starving off the munchies

Vending machines are especially popular in companies that have many staff members in sedentary desk jobs. When people sit down at a desk and in front of a computer, they tend to want to munch. Call centres are particularly lucrative vending profit generators. The best part is that people are pressed for time or simply cannot be bothered to walk down the street for a snack.

So if you provide them with a quick fix answer to their mid day munch attack they are likely to jump at it. Vending machines come in all shapes and sizes and they deliver all sorts of tasty goods. It is important to find out which items your staff will demand the most and keep your vending machine stocked.

Vending machines in offices can generate significant profit through numerous small sales. Tally up lots of items being sold per week and you can start seeing the bigger profit picture. Every penny your company or business can bring in extra can go towards growing your business even when customers are strapped for cash.

There are some cases however, such as in the retail sector, where fewer sales of DVDs, video games, or electronics (including the iPod) can realise even greater potential.

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Vending Machine Safety and Security

Vending machine manufacturers test their products thoroughly, and build specifically designed units which inhibit theft and injury in accordance with strict consumer guidelines.

The sheer weight of the materials use in construction and the resulting unit size make vending machines very secure. This also makes them very stable, which reduces the risk of them toppling over and causing serious or irreversible damage (a fully stocked machine can weigh as much as 400 kilograms). User safety is of paramount importance.

Sadly, accidents do happen. However these incidents are rare and even fewer are fatal, particularly when vending machines are appropriately used and regularly serviced by a management company like Intelligent Vending Ltd.

Smart vending machine security

No longer is a padlock the only thing standing between a pilferer and your goods. Wherever your vending machines are situated, Intelligent Vending Ltd. can offer you a security solution to suit. From internal camera surveillance to theft indicators, bolt down feet to anti-tilt wall brackets, you’ll find everything to make your machines secure and safe to use.

Vending machine technology has advanced considerably too. Coin weight and size recognition means it’s even harder for people to outsmart your machine. Also modern spiral mechanisms hold products in place until paid for, even if the machine is tilted (within reason).

Internal sensors also know whether or not a product has been vended before taking a customer’s money, resulting in fewer angry outbursts. Smart!

Working together with Intelligent Vending Ltd. you can ensure your vending machines are secure and, most importantly, safe for your staff and clients to use.

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Intelligent Vending for Profits

Convenience is the keyword to consider when investing in vending machines – after all that’s what they’re designed for – and intelligent management could turn yours from a simple piece of service equipment to being a great profit producer and an outlet to market new products.

Intelligent Vending Ltd. don’t just supply, we offer you expert advice too. From stocking tips to office placement ideas, whether you’re looking to invest in new vending machines or simply want to increase the profit margin from those you already have, we can help.

Go about it the smart way

It would be easy to pack your vending machines with random items, but if you want to tempt your staff and clients to buy them, you’ll need to think about the products you choose. With vending options including drinks, snacks, health foods and cosmetic products, it’s clear that knowing your market is an important step towards success in intelligent vending.

Ok, so you’ve worked out what your buyers really want – the next step in intelligent vending is making sure your machine is in a high traffic or social area. Keeping your machine in plain sight and making sure it’s always full of brightly packaged goods will always attract hungry customers.

Just contact Intelligent Vending Ltd. Using your vending criteria and our wealth of market knowledge, we can provide you with a proposal detailing the vending machine options which best suit you and your business.

Smart vending equals smart profits!

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Winds of Change

The world we live in today is ever changing. Nothing stagnates and there are always upgrades for yesterday’s products coming out. The minute a product is launched it becomes outdated because we start working on a newer, better one to replace it with.

The same goes for lifestyles and trends. Nothing ever stays the same, not even for a whole season. There are new ideas for your lifestyle coming out every single day and new research is delivering new results each day. So where does all this change leave you as a vending machine owner?

Time to adapt

There has been research and surveys into the working lives and habits of people across the UK and there is a shocking rise in the amount of people that work from home or are on the move. That is not shocking for the rest of the world, but that increase is shocking for vending machine owners and operators.

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Snacks to Stop the Hunger Pains

Snack vending machines have crept into the heart of our society. You can find them almost everywhere – wherever hungry people walk and work. You may think that snack vending is simply a matter of filling a machine with snack foods and placing it a hall or room. On the surface that is true, however, getting the most from snack machines takes time and requires tactical thought.

If you think it is mere coincidence that the snack machines near you just happen to stock some of your favourite crisps and treats, think again; they have most likely been carefully selected based on the buying habits of its customers.

The key to successful snack vending

Stocking and positioning snack food vending machines is a skill to be developed. Sales from snack vending machines can be significantly boosted by monitoring stock levels and consumer purchase choices to better cater to the target market with more suitable products and advertising. Try and make it as hard as possible for the people who frequent that hallway or room to resist your vending efforts.

This can be helped by strategically placing your snack vending machine in the most tempting spot available and where it will be seen by as many people as possible. Next, fill it with all the snacks and confectionery your target market favour and enjoy the rewards.

You might consider doing research to discover more about the likes, dislikes, wants and desires of your target audience. It involves a little more work but can really help speed up the process of optimising profits through refined product selection and enhanced marketing.

If you would like more information, you can view our snacks vending machine page or call us on +44 (0) 1629 825555. For alternative ways to contact us, please follow this link: Contact Intelligent Vending Ltd.

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