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Office Closed for Festive Season

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Intelligent Vending office will be closed for the festive season  from the end of 23rd Dec 2011 and will be reopened on 3rd Jan 2012:

  • Calls made during this time will still be answered and will be handled by our 24/7 call centre.
  • Any urgent issues will still be taken care of throughout this period by a member of staff on call.
  • While we will still be accepting orders throughout this period, they may not be processed until our return in the New Year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support in 2011 as we wish you all the best for the Festive Season and a very happy and prosperous New Year from all at Intelligent Vending.


Got Milk?

British shopping institution Selfridges have introduced an interesting new vending machine within their famous food hall.

This machine is run under a concession by Sussex farmer Hook & Son, allowing customers to get a real taste of the Great British Countryside by selling litres and half litres of raw milk (unpasteurised, untreated – straight from the cow!)

There is some controversy surrounding the machine and the sale of raw milk as technically it is illegal in the UK to sell unpasteurised milk – unless direct from the farm or a farmer’s market- but Selfridges have reported it to be quite the success! Customers in the city appreciate the chance to try something the way it is without anything added or taken away, whilst older customers have said they appreciate being able to drink the milk they did as children.

Now, I live right out in the sticks, next door to a real, working dairy farm so can have raw milk any time I choose to – it doesn’t appeal to me, not because of health risks but because milk still slightly warm from a cow freaks me out. I’m sure the milk in Selfridges will be cooled thanks to the machine refrigeration to optimum drinking temperature but I still don’t think I would be tempted to try it next time I’m in London. Would you try it? Have you tried raw milk before? Have you got any ideas for something bizarre and quirky to be put in a vending machine?

News Just In…

For perfect coffee every time, Kenco Singles Capsules are now available from Intelligent Vending.

With the addition of the Singles Machine which went live last week, capsules are also now available to buy online!

These convenient capsules ensure a perfect coffee, hot chocolate or tea is provided for the consumer from the Kenco Single Machine every single time.


What’s your favourite hot drink? Let us know in the comments below!!


American food giant Kraft have released a sample machine- “iSample Temptations” -in Chicago which dispenses free samples of Jell-O to adults only.

The intuitive machine recognises when a child is attempting to use the machine and prohibits this, shutting down until the child is gone. When an adult is detected in a 25ft radius of the machine, the machine comes to life and offers the option of a free sample in a variety of flavours, including Key Lime Pie, Raspberry Cheesecake or Double Chocolate Pie.

To receive their sample, adults simply have to either scan a code with their smart phone or text a code. This authentication process means users do not have access to more than one sample a day. The machine does not store any details, photographs or phone numbers of users, although it does log samples taken along with details of age and gender of users.

Pictures are available here.


If this sot of machine came to the UK would you be pleased to use it?

Don’t Forget to Remember…






GO GO GO!!!!


Yet again, Japan have made technological advances in the vending world the rest of us can but dream of.

Intel, Snaken and Okaya Electronics have taken the next step in touch screen vending machines. This latest incarnation boasts a 65-inch HD screen (!) and understated graphics so as to drawn people in with out being garish and obnoxious.

GizModo called it the “vending machine of tomorrow” thanks to the 65″ screen, which like its predecessors features a transparent screen so consumers can still see the product inside, whilst being entertained by a touch screen – similar to that on a smart phone – but with subtle animations of birds  that do not distract from he transparency of the machines touch controlled window.

To make this even more exciting and intuitive, the machine has an inbuilt camera to identify customers based on age and gender to therefore generate demographic appropriate adverts. What makes this machine extra special, is, should there be an emergency, it will display evacuation routes.

Although currently vending snacks and drinks, this machine could open up to a potential market including cosmetics and wine.

What do you think to this? Can you see super intuitive vending machines working over here England? Would you like to see adverts based on your gender or age? As ever, leave a comment below and let us know how you feel!!


Morning Morning,

Quick post to let you know we have now launched another product to our ever expanding range. As of right this second, Kenco Singles Coffee Brewers are available from Intelligent Vending! These handy little machines are small enough to not take up unnecessary space, yet powerful enough to provide you with a wide range of super tasty drinks! Using a capsule system to provide the perfect drink every time, the Kenco Singles are bound to be a massive hit.

Kenco Singles Capsules will be available (at great prices, as ever) later on today so keep those eyes peeled!

Client Testimonial

Just a quick blog from another happy customer regarding the work Saskia Galtrey has been involved with and the supply of a C300 change machine…


Thanks for all your help, we are delighted with our change machine. We have managed to fit in our old soap vendor so will not be ordering a new one just yet.

Will definately use your company again, a pleasure to do business with.

Kind regards and seasons greetings,

Lisa Dolley

Divisional Member for Redruth North
Vice-Chair of Miscellaneous Licensing Committee
Vice-Chair of Planning Policy Advisory Panel”

Second Hand Snakky

Here at Intelligent Vending we are inundated with requests for second hand or refurbished snack and drink machines.

As a rule, these are very difficult to come by and as such, we run a waiting lists for specific machines- especially considering the high demand from our export partners. However, seeings as its Christmas and we’re feeling festive, we’ve now decided to put 10 machines on to the website which are available on a first come, first served basis. The machine which is available is the popular Snakky RY 6-30 machine which is great if you’re limited space wise as it’s a lovely compact machine.

These machines are second hand, and around 5 years old. They are in great condition and also come with a second hand coin mechanism and delivery for the bargain price of £1313. Not only that…. but, we are even offering maintenance agreements at standard new machine rates as we are so confident in their condition!

Give us a call as we do not want anyone to miss out on this fantastic offer!

And also, don’t forget we are running the amazing price slash promotion this week (untill 20th December)


Super Sale Continues

The countdown is on here at Intelligent Vending as we continue with our super saving price slash sale! Just 6 days to go, so remember you’ve only got until 4pm on Tuesday the 20th of December to get your orders in! What are you waiting for? Prices will never, ever be this good again! Consider this our Christmas present to you!

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