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Water coolers are a vital asset within any office or public environment and are now common place throughout the UK and most countries overseas. Everyone knows they should drink water regularly to keep healthy and function effectively, so water coolers not only offer convenience but also aid healthy lifestyle whilst also importantly helping staff to be at their best and concentrate on their work.


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Borg & Overstrom Sports Water Bottle
Borg & Overstrom Sports Water Bottle

Borg & Overstrom sports water bottle. These are a popular add-on product for our range of Borg & Overstrom water coolers and act as a great sweetener for staff in the office.


Water Cooler Sanitising Solution (1 Litre) - Photo Illustrative Only
Water Cooler Sanitising Solution (1 Litre)

Sanitising solution for water coolers. Supplied in a 1 litre bottle.


Vorigo V9-3 Post Carbon Filter
Vorigo Water Filter V9-3C

Water filter for POU (Point of Use) water coolers. Reduce unwanted tastes, odours, colours and other inpurities from your water with the Vorigo V9-3 Post Carbon water cooler filter. Compatible with Borg & Overstrom B2, B3, B4, B5, F4, U1 and U2 wate..


Borg & Overstrom Water Cooler Wall Brackets
Borg & Overstrom Water Cooler Wall Brackets

Borg & Overstrom wall brackets for securing water coolers. These brackets are supplied in pairs and can be a useful deterrent against water cooler vandalism within certain installation environments.


Borg & Overstrom Cup Dispenser
Borg & Overstrom Cup Dispenser

Borg & Overstrom water cooler cup holder. These are recommended for water coolers without an integral cup dispenser and can either be fitted to the side of the cooler or to the wall depending on installation environment.


Plastic 7oz Water Cooler Cups (Polystyrene)
Plastic 7oz Water Cooler Cups (Polystyrene)

7oz polystyrene water cooler cups. These water cooler cups are available in clear, blue tint or white and case quantities of 1000 or 2000. The water cooler cups are also fully rim rolled and manufactured to fit all water cooler cup dispensers.


Borg & Overstrom 12 Litre Integral Waste Kit (Elite & Sport & Classic Models)
Borg & Overstrom 12 Litre Integral Waste Kit (Elite & Sport & Classic Models)

Borg & Overstrom 12 litre basic integral waste kit. This kit consists of a 12 litre container which is fitted inside the base cabinet and allows the drip tray to drain effectively into the waste container. This system is great for peace of mind and a..


CO2 Sparkling Cylinder Refill E290 (600g)
CO2 Sparkling Cylinder Refill E290 (600g)

For use with all Borg & Overstrom sparkling water systems to create that deep refreshing sparkle. The CO2 cylinder can be disposed of in standard steel recycling or general waste. Compatible with Borg & Overstrom B3, B4, B5, U1 and U2 water dispens..


POU Water Cooler Sanitisation Kit (Vorigo)
Water Cooler Sanitisation Kit (Vorigo)

Sanitisation kit for the POU Borg & Overstrom water coolers fitted with Vorigo filters. This kit includes: 1 x V9-S Empty Refillable Sanitisation Cartridge (this is not a water filter and used for cleaning only) 1 x 100ml Aqua Dosa Sanitising Bottle 1..


CO2 Regulator with Gauge
CO2 Regulator with Gauge

Stainless steel gauge for Borg & Overstrom Sparkling Refill. Adjustable pressure gauge for configuring the perfect sparkling saturation depending on your needs. Compatible with Borg & Overstrom B3, B4, B5, U1 and U2 water dispensers.


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