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Selection Wizard: Fly Killers

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Fly Killer Selection Wizard

Answer the following simple questions to find the fly killer(s) ideal for your situation.

1. What is the intended usage of the fly killer(s)?

Fly killers come in many varieties of size and power. Commerical fly killers tend to be more powerful to cater for more demanding locations.

2. Will the fly killer(s) need to be outside or in a damp area?

Most models are not suitable for outdoor or damp locations; it is therefore extremely important this is considered early on as to ensure correct purchase of IP rated fly killers.

3. What is your budget per fly killer?

Amounts shown are in United Kingdom Pounds (GBP - Sterling - £).

4. How many fly killers do you require?

Large quantity orders may qualify for discounted prices. Additionally, if you require a significant quantity of fly killers (50+), please give us a call for a personal quotation.

5. What size is the largest area where the fly killer will be located?

Fly killers are only effective in areas up to a certain size. The size of the area a fly killer is capable of managing is mostly dependent on the number of and wattage of the U.V. lamps inside the unit.

6. Do you require electric grid fly killers, or glue-board based fly killers?

Electric grid fly killers offer a maintenance advantage as there are no glue-boards to replace.

Glue-board fly killers offer a hygiene advantage as insect debris can occasionally be ejected from grid fly killers as a result of the power from the electrical charge.

Although both types of fly killer are suitable for the majority of locations, if the fly killer is to operate around sensitive products such as food or packaging, the use of glue based fly killers is always recommended (for the reason mentioned above). In these situations shatter resistant U.V. lamps should also always be used.

7. How would you like the fly killer(s) to be mounted (optional)?

Often fly killers can be mounted in a variety of different ways, but some models are less flexible. It is important to consider the placement of your fly killer(s) before purchasing.

In order to achieve the best performance and longest life from your fly killer(s), units should be kept away from windows, excessive heat sources and draughts. Additionally, placement of electric grid units should be checked to ensure there is no risk of insect debris contaminating any sensitive items.