S2 Laundrette Machine Starter Kit (Detergent / Softener)

Our Price: £625.00

750.00 inc. VAT)

Price includes:

1 off x S2 multi-vend laundry machine

200 x Surf detergent vend packs

100 x Snuggle softener vend packs

Machine Type

Spare Battery

  • Quick find code: S2-IVLAUNP
  • Lead Time: Typically 2 to 3 weeks
  • Model: S2-IVL
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: S2-IVLAUNP
  • Dimensions (mm): H1000 W360 D230
  • Weight: 13.5kg
Warranty Included


This is a bundle package has been setup specifically for our clients in the laundrette and hospitality sectors. The package includes: 1 off x S2 multi-vend machine (plastic), 2 off x case (100) packs of Surf detergent vend packs, and 1 off x case (100) of Snuggle fabric softener vend packs. Ready to be fitted to the wall right out of the box with minimal hassle or fuss.


The S2 multi-vend machine is a battery operated wall mounted unit which offers up to 9 different product selections. For laundrette environments our standard configuration is 4 x shelves for Surf washing detergent and 4 x shelves for Snuggle fabric softener. Product prices can be set and adjusted according to your specific requirements.

The Surf packs supplied are laundry detergent and each box contains 55g of powder. The Snuggle fabric softener vend boxes contain 44ml of liquid per pack in a sealed sachet.

Files / Downloads

S2 Laundrette Vending Machine Brochure

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