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Make a difference with vending

‘Recycling’ vending machines are on the rise in our supermarkets. Since the end of last year, more and more machines have appeared in our stores and they usually offer a cash-coupon incentive to use towards the cost of your bill. These machines are well within the scope of Intelligent Vending’s technology and we are surprised that, so far, no one had approached us to make one! Reducing, reusing and recycling is so important to our planet; it is brilliant to see people and corporations joining together to continually raise the level of awareness for this. Intelligent Vending want to show our pride and approval of the efforts being made, particularly through vending, to change our world…in more ways than one!

90 years in 2 days

In 2 days it is here. The 90 year anniversary celebrations begin. Make sure you don’t miss it! The AVA is hosting this wonderful event; what a fantastic way to start the weekend early. Charity vend prize draw, food of the world, the latest in wine and champagne vending, not to mention the fantastic people that help make it an event to remember! Two more sleeps!

90 years of the AVA

Less than 2 weeks to go until the live AVA show. The Automatic Vending Association are celebrating 90 years this year and the event is bound to be super. There are a range of activities over 2 days with opportunities to join in debates, participate in free workshops, meet and network with industry leaders, suppliers and customers. The show is accessible for members and non-members and everyone we know is very excited about it. Let’s rock on for another 90 years.

Keep the fizz

Maintaining water coolers so they continue to function at their optimum level is vital for all. Borg & Overstrom have some wonderful accessories and refills available to keep your water cooler performing to the max. The C02 Sparkling refill E290 (box of 4) for use with all Borg & Overstrom sparkling water systems creates that sought after deep refreshing sparkle. This product works in partnership with the C02 Regulator with Gauge, also by Borg & Overstrom, this helps configure the perfect sparkling saturation depending on your needs. With these two products in your arsenal you are bound to have an effervescent summer ahead of you.

Board with Intelligent Wholesale? Never!

Intelligent Wholesale has a rare treat of some, never-before used control boards compatible with SandenVendo machines! They can be quickly reset to factory default settings and reprogrammed via a USB key. Here at Intelligent Wholesale we are very excited about having this cool piece of kit available, but we are sure we won’t have them for long now that the world knows about it! To see a list of machines they are compatible with follow our helpful little link above.

On a Roll

The Lunar Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser is a popular choice for many clients. The front opening provides easy access and has a lock or added security. With a Stainless steel back plate and made from 304 Stainless steel it isn’t hard to see why this product appeals to so many. It even comes with a screw kit as standard.

Vend a penny

The S2 Multi-Vend is a classic within the hygiene vending sector. With 9 product choices it lends itself to several different configurations in the washroom, even for vending nappies!

It is easily wall mounted and can even be customised with company logos. This ideal smart electronic vending system with easy price, coin, and stock change makes it the perfect product for clients on the go when they nip to spend a quick penny.

Intelligent Wholesale has arrived

Intelligent Wholesale is finally here. This is the business-to-business ecommerce trading division of Intelligent Vending. Our fantastic new homepage clearly showcases the most popular categories making it easy to navigate and operate. The highlighted deals are easily accessible as you scroll down the page and be sure not to miss out on our regular informative and inciteful blogs. At Intelligent Vending we believe our website to be an ever growing, ever evolving, living, breathing catalogue of choice.  With this in mind an exciting addition to the website is on the horizon. It will be accessible on the website through our technology centre. This is where we showcase our in-house designed, next generation of automated retail.  We will be soon be presenting more of our latest technology with traditional high-quality engineering…. but that’s all for now… Better watch this space

Bundle of Laundry

What an absolutely perfect package for clients in the launderette and hospitality sector. The S2 launderette vending machine starter kit is ready to be fitted to the wall straight out of the box with little to no fuss.  It includes 100 snuggle softener vend packs and an astounding 200 surf detergent vend packs. Product prices can be set and adjusted according to your specific requirement. This smart electronic vending system features configurable shelves, has no mains wiring and amongst other things can be customised with company logos. With a product like this on your side, you are really going to clean up.

Lunar Eclipse

When it comes to throwing shade on washroom accessories, the Lunar Gelmaster fragrance machine leaves other products in the dark. With a plethora of features including a gel life of approximately 4 to 8 weeks and a range of delightful scents, multiple timer settings, zero fragrance wastage, the nontoxic residue to name a few before even getting on to its curvaceous, smooth appearance. But this isn’t all, it can also save you a fortune in the on-going cost of replacement batteries as it is mains powered.  It stands head and shoulders above the competition at only 23cm high.

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